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  1. Gilligans Isle

    XR600r first ride/narrowing down issues..

    oil won't boil until about 572 degrees, so pretty sure it's not the oil. it may be because it's over filled and that vent tube from the top of the motor to the oil tank in the frame is making the noise because it's too full. I would also check the crankcase vent pipe and hose to make sure it's not clogged or full of oil so the motors trying to vent up through the the top of the motor.
  2. Gilligans Isle

    5.10 vs 4.60 tire, what do you run?

    I got a Teraflex on mine. It fits
  3. Gilligans Isle

    XR600r first ride/narrowing down issues..

    water in that side compartment with the cover that says xr on it? and yes over filling the oil is not good.
  4. Gilligans Isle

    XR650L/ General Atv plastics polishing question

    I use Mothers mag and aluminum polish, and then buff a lot with fleece shirt..
  5. Gilligans Isle

    Fun stuff with my new 83 XL600R

    Your nightmare sounds a lot like mine, when I removed the rocker box the left cam bearing was just laying there in that little cavity and the cam was wandering all over the place. after checking the parts fiche I realized that there were supposed to be dowel pins on both ends of the cam to keep the bearing on the cam. the one cam chain wear guide was broke in half. one head bolt was finger tight with some weird miniature looking car lug nut on it as a spacer which lifted the head bolt high enough to run into the cam sprocket bolts. From there I was into a complete teardown as the cases needed a new paint job and I needed to go through every last piece to make sure the last mechanic had not touched it. Mine also had the small aluminum tube with the o-ring on it between the oil pump and side case. I think that's the way Honda did it. wishing you luck on your build, I still need to get the head on mine yet but the rebuild is going good.
  6. Gilligans Isle

    XL600R Hard to Start, Aftermarket upgrades Advice.

    I drilled a hole on the bottom of my choke tube on my xl350R as the hole that was in it originally to feed fuel to the choke circuit was the size of 3 human hairs. (you can see the factory hole in the side of the tube) Not sure if it helped as it's still winter here and I haven't gotten her outside to see if she starts any better. Although when I first bought it before restoring it, It took about 30 kicks to get it started and then it would run for 2 seconds and then die. It did it twice to me. I almost died from a heart attack kicking that damn thing over. Heres a before and after pic of the drilled tube. P.S. My other suggestion to you would be to remove the inspection caps on the left case, roll it over to the timing mark and then check your valve lashs and also check to see if there is a little slack in the decompression lever on the motor at that point. If the decompression lever is tight it may be holding the exhaust valve open slightly when warmed up.
  7. Gilligans Isle

    XR600 seal Identification needed

    Okay thanks guys. Mine is an 86 xr600r, I was thinking it went in the plunger system on the oil pump as that was the only part on the parts fiche that even looked remotely like this seal .
  8. Gilligans Isle

    xr600r woes

    If it's pumping oil out of everywhere it's my guess that the crank case ventilation system is plugged.
  9. Gilligans Isle

    XR600 seal Identification needed

    No but I can take one.
  10. Gilligans Isle

    600R Grenaded / Rebuilding

    Wow bummer. wishing you well on your rebuild. :0
  11. Gilligans Isle

    XR600 seal Identification needed

    But there is only one of these seals in the kit and 4 different green ones that look like valve seals? and the center hole in it is about an 1/8th of an inch in Dia.?
  12. Gilligans Isle

    Show your PIG

    My new Baby, 86 xr600. The resto is going slow but good. The bottom pic is my other ride I restored over the Christmas holiday.
  13. Gilligans Isle

    XR600 seal Identification needed

    Hi guys, Anybody recognize this seal and know where it goes? It came in my XR600 total rebuild gasket set.
  14. Gilligans Isle

    1984 XR350 Restoration Start

    Nice!!!! I have to redo my seat too. Not looking forward to it, Buddy said he did one and it wasn't fun either. Keep up the good work Stovebolt. And yes I found several pics of the 84 choke tube online, that's what tipped me off... well that and that crazy tiny pin hole they had in it.