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  1. KaiStats

    Any visible issues with this kx250f 2008?

    I understand that no one can tell me if the bike is good or not. However, for instance, someone pointed out the subframe was bent in another thread of mine, which I would never have noticed myself.
  2. I have posted quite a few of these threads where I ask for help identifying issues with dirt bikes. They help alot, because most of the bikes and hours away, and I am very noobish when it comes to dirt bikes. I came across a 2008 kx250f. And I want to see if you guys can spot any visible issues. Alot of you guys really have a talent for spotting whether a bike was maintained well or not. I should add some details. The owner said he recently replaced the piston with a new carbide piston. He also "says" that he changes the oil every 10 hours and keeps the bike well maintained. But, as we all know, what people say doesn't really count for much.
  3. Should leaking forks really be an issue? From my understanding, the parts are only around $50 bucks. I would want to try doing it myself provided it's not too difficult. How would I go about fixing the subframe? I was under the assumption you should not try and repair bent aluminum as it weakens it.
  4. How big of a deal is the bent subframe?
  5. I came across this YZ 125 for 2,200 bucks. Haven't inspected in person as it's a few hours away, but I have some pictures. It's a 2010 model (assuming he is telling the truth).
  6. This may seem like a strange comparison, but I want to know how the bottom end power on a yz125 (2 stroke) is compared to a crf110f. I weight 140 lbs, and went on a ride with a friends crf110f. And even though it was small, I liked the feel of the power. It felt like it had good low end even for it's small size. I always hear that 125 2 strokes have no bottom end power. But is that because people compare them to 250 2t's? Surely it would feel more powerful in the low end than a crf110f? Considering it is double the cc's.
  7. KaiStats

    Should I buy this yz250f 2009

    Very poorly maintained. The bike wouldn't even start. Various little things were broken or rusted. Overall not taken care of at all.
  8. KaiStats

    Should I buy this yz250f 2009

    Guys, I went to see the bike. It was absolute shit. Way worse than I thought in the pics.
  9. KaiStats

    Should I buy this yz250f 2009

    Wow, I'm surprised. I really thought it looked in good condition. I should probably steer clear of this bike then?
  10. What do you guys think of this yz250f (2009)? He is asking $2000 USD. It looks pretty clean. Anyone familiar with this years model?