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  1. pitplass

    300 sxs cdi

    I use the 250sx in my 300 and I am very satisfy with the performance also when I ask slaven about the part number of his 300sx cdi never he told me only his site part number not ktm part number also 300 sx models produced only until 2002 after that in 2014 anounce sx kit with deferent cdi box I think and I check it that the 300 sx cdi is the same from 125sx 2007 they have the same part number and for this reason slaven doesn't answer in my questions . tomorrow I have in my hands 125sx cdi from my friends and I test it to compare it with the 250sx
  2. pitplass

    300 sxs cdi

    if i undartstnd right i am ok with 250 sx and i check that the part number sxs14300390 is the same also for 125sxs 50339131000??
  3. pitplass

    300 sxs cdi

    many thanks!!!
  4. pitplass

    300 sxs cdi

    hi i am intersting to buy sxs cdi(pn:sxs14300390) for my ktm 300 2008 and i am wondering if any one use this cdi in 300 ktm now i use 250sx cdi and my mods are:carb bore oval,40pilot 168 main nejd#2 ,mod head like rk tek 210psi,gnarly,pcore2,100 octane fuel has any one use this cdi??i am confuse to swap thanks in advance Panos