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  1. WildGeese

    Stock Handlebars Pricey

    Yea Pm me I’m in NC USA.
  2. WildGeese

    2017 350 rr-s rev limiter problem

    I know on mine it was a trailtech setting. I thought it was hitting a rev limiter at 6k rpm. That’s what the trail tech read. It was actually spinning at 2x that. The setting is called PPR. I don’t remember what the right setting # is. (I can check tonight if you want) Needless to say I broke her in harder than I intended to [emoji4] and she runs great
  3. WildGeese

    CAW this weekend?

    @ridingwithstyle I’ll keep an eye out for you tomorrow always like syncing up w others.
  4. WildGeese

    CAW this weekend?

    I’ll be there early Saturday~9am on a Beta 4 stroke.
  5. WildGeese

    CAW this weekend?

    I’ll probably be there Saturday. I’ve been the past few weekends. I’m an amateur trail rider trying to get faster.
  6. WildGeese

    Boot Repair in Charlotte NC Area

    No I’m only suggesting he’d be good to call. He’s done a lot of shoes for me. Light years better than other places.
  7. WildGeese

    Boot Repair in Charlotte NC Area

    I like dean’s shoe repair. He’s offered to do hiking boots for me w vibram soles.
  8. WildGeese

    Gas cap noise/pressure

    Thanks all for posting up on this issue. Had symptoms of starvation; pulled off the green cap to let it flow.