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  1. itsthelaw

    Sorry...but WR250R tires...

    Need new tires for my 2016 WR250R. It only has 700 miles, but went down and got loose too many times today. Rider takes all responsibility, but there has to be better tires than stock, and I searched for any NEW and relevant tire threads. Friend recommended Pirelli Scorpion XCMH and have read a lot about the MT/606 combo. I want something 90/10 trail/road or at least 70/30. Front end in mud was major problem today. I live in Western NC and mostly service roads and limited smaller tracks. Rocky, very hilly, heavy roots and branches, and muddy is common. I have a road bike (BMW r1200r), so my road time will just be linking off road or occasional ride out and back. I usually trailer if longer than 20 miles out to trail. I also have a full Cogent suspension that is set for me. If I missed something with updated tire info, please let me know. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I have a 2016 WRR and just picked up a SM wheel set (Warp9 120/70/17 and 140/70/17). My off road tires are stock. The bike only has about 250 miles on it. I am currently running 14t/49t for my off-road set up. I like it a lot better than stock for 50/50 riding and seem to have more useable gears for everything. I want to be able to make the quickest changes between wheel sets. Considering chain, optimal gearing, etc, what is my best setup to make changes easiest. While I'd like to keep the 14t front, I can go back down to 13t. Of course, I don't want to be changing the front sprocket. I'm willing to push the gearing for off road more toward off road to achieve the quickest change combination. The SM rear currently has a 44t sprocket. Has anyone found the quickest process? What am I missing? I'm planning to trim the fork covers and use caliper relocation bracket, but the SM wheels have not arrived yet. Thank you!
  3. Ended up with the TCX Drifter WP and they are great. The ankle pocket fits my foot perfectly and really stabilizes it. The buckles can be adjusted nicely, and I can make them nice and snug, while I still have a nice to box. They are also extremely nice for walking off the bike.
  4. I'm trying to find a good fitting boot for my foot which is narrow. I tried Sidi Adventure 2 and was too wide and too expensive. I ordered Forma Adventure boots and they were WAY too wide too. I'd really like to stay under $350 and feel like I should be able to find a boot at that price to provide great protection. I just got a WR250R and will likely ride 50% on pavement, but only because I'll be riding it to work or to roads and trails. I put a thin, additional insole in the boots above and my ankle still lifted 1/2 to a full inch.
  5. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    It was a fouled plug. When I bought it, I started it and shut it down without riding it. The dealer asked me if I started it without letting it get to temp. I told him yes, and he was certain that was it. He was correct. Plug was NASTY. Getting at the plug to change it was also a great learning experience. Tomorrow, I will ride no matter how cold.
  6. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    Cranking over, but not firing. I've had friends smarter than I am try. Burped and almost started yesterday. Tried bump starting as well. Fuel pump is priming. I'm wondering if fuel line is blocked or some dummy switch activated. I've tried it all. Fired right up when I bought it.
  7. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    I can't get it started. Probably taking it to Yamaha dealer tomorrow. I've been looking at it a lot.
  8. Unfortunately, all the closeouts are lacking size 46 these days. Must be a bit late in the product cycle to find deals on popular sizes. I'm also looking for a simple color scheme. If I'm spending $200-$400, I wanna look good too.
  9. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    This came home with me tonight after finding an AMAZING deal on it. $4875 out the door, including taxes and plate. It is a 2016 wr250r with 53 miles. It even has the tidy brake light add on option on it already. I am the first owner on the title and have a full factory warranty. I could not be happier. Somebody took a loss on it, but it wasn't me. Thanks for all the help. Now, I need to learn how to ride it. 😂😂😂
  10. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    Thanks for the continued suggestions, all. Dirtjumpordie...I'm originally from MN. I did not see that 525. I'm really not interested in the Chinese bike at this point, because I feel like the resale on a good, used Japanese or EU bike will recoup me nearly what I pay if I buy it right and find out that I want something else. The risk is minimal. There are a lot of options, so I am going to start getting serious next week when I get back to town from business travel. The WRR seems like a safe (though not sexy) bet for a lot of reasons.
  11. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    Is there anything that is bulletproof with minimal maintenance like the WRR, but has less weight and lower cost. I am good with it being 75% suited for off road, but really want to ride the gravel roads of my state and run it to those roads. I can look for one that is plated or do the SD thing if it works. The KTM route seems aggressive for a new rider from the perspective of power, cost and maintenance.
  12. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    This is great to hear your path to finding what works for you. I am really thinking about a WRR at this point. Thought about a 230, but I'm 6'2", and I think I need a full sized bike. WRR will allow me to get a bit of everything, but it will be short on everything. I can find a 2015+ for well under $5k, which is about what other 250s will cost me. My local dealer has a 2017 for $6900 OTD, but I don't think new is important with that bike, as long as miles are under 5k. I fully understand they are heavy, but I am so new to this that I don't even know how it will impact me. I have so much to learn. As I look for bikes, I am also looking at the dual Euro bikes. Seems a lot of them are at a point where they are probably ready for a top end, so I will make sure I get receipts if I go in that direction. Thank you for the post/posts!
  13. itsthelaw

    Dialing in Best Dual Sport...For Me

    No offense at all taken, and I completely agree with government regulations being constraining. I've changed my thinking over the past few weeks. My original thought was to get an off road bike and, maybe, a dual sport. I'm now thinking that I really want the dual sport, and it is mostly to be able to ride on gravel roads, but also to make short trips to work and to the trails. I think the dual sport gives me more ways to use it as a first bike. Maybe I will sell it and switch to pure dirt or buy a second bike. I guess I've flipped my thinking. My youngest son is only 8 and just starting, so the dual should work where he will ride. There is always the reality that I may not have enough time to ride a ton too. I can probably find a 2014+ KTM or Husky or Beta for $6k+ in great shape. I've seen older Huskys (2010-2013) for less, but don't know much about them. If I did spend the extra, I'd probably hold out for a 350 EXC, as it seems to be the best guess for my use. I also understand the comments about just getting one and riding. It does seem that a well purchased bike will keep value, so it can be easy to trade into my next bike. Other than weight, the WR250R seems like a solid bike to start. It gives me a street ready bike that can go off road.
  14. I'm a new rider living in Asheville, NC and have spent many hours researching including comments from y'all. From what I can tell, plating an off road bike in NC is nearly impossible. I want to be able to ride on streets to get to destinations, but will also haul. If I use it to commute to work, it is under 5 miles on roads with speed limits 45 mph or less. Riding to trails might mean interstate highway, but I own 11 acres 10 minutes from home. I'm 6'2" and weigh 210#. I want to be able to ride on state and federal rough roads, but I'm a mtn biker, so I will want to ride single tracks too. My preference is for a 4 stroke for many reasons that you all know. My dream bike is a KTM 350 EXC, but the cost is a barrier at this point. It seems to have all the right specs and characteristics. My wife is awesome, but the KTM $$$ might have to come later. I have a TTR110 for my kid that I got from a guy with a WR250R. The seller commented that he felt the WR was heavy. Is it too heavy for a new rider wanting to do some single track riding? Will it frustrate me with background in technical mtn bike riding? That heft seems to provide durability. My only option for plating a dirt bike is to buy one that is titled in SC. What dirt bike would give me the characteristics of the KTM? I've seen a YZ250fx that has the Yamaha dual sport kit installed. Any others or options to watch for? Is the 250 4 stroke an engine with inherent problems? Is the 350 or 450 way more durable? Might be a lot of power for me. What type of clutch or mod gives me the best ability to learn how to really use the clutch on single tracks? I've read over and over that duals are always a compromise. I get it. Other than short commutes to work (10 minutes) and trips to trails (under 1 hour), the bike will spend most of its life on rough roads and trails. Green, blue, red or yellow bikes seem to give me longer maintenance intervals compared to KTM, Beta or Husqvarna. Is that a huge concern? I know money can solve anything, but I'm concerned that it could get expensive fast. I want an affordable entry point, but need to consider the long term costs too. I'm way more comfy buying a newer bike with low hours. My son's bike had clearly less than 10 hours on it. Are there other safe targets that are a bit older? I have a couple options for someone to look over the bike mechanically. While I'd like to spend less than $4k on the bike, I'd consider more if I can retain value over a year or two. Thank you for the help!
  15. itsthelaw

    2017 KTM 350 exc-f Build

    Beautiful build!