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    Thanks I’ll check tomorrow and if it is a faulty seal and order that, and if not I’ll try what Nate says and see if that works.
  2. Jamie Quinn


    Okay, thanks. I’ve got someone coming over tomorrow who races them and will get him to have a look also. I’ll try what you’ve said and see if that solves it, thanks for the help!
  3. Jamie Quinn


    I’m using putoline mx7 for my oil
  4. Jamie Quinn


    Thanks for the replies, I’m located just outside glasgow so is there anywhere near that would sell it or any place you’d recommend online? And there’s already zip ties on it but I’ll see if they can be tightened or replaced if need be. And As for the premix ratio I’m running what I was told by who I bought the bike from (150cm^3 to 5L Of fuel), what do ratio do yous think I should be using? Again thanks for the replies :))
  5. Jamie Quinn


    Recently got a bw 2007 ktm 85sx And it seems to be leaking from the exhaust? I found the fluid on the swing arm and I think it’s coming from the where the front pipe meets the silencer (I ran my finger under the rubber gasket and found some drops of it). I’m quite new to bikes and would want to know how/what I can do to fix it. Thanks, Jamie.