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  1. TAC

    Weak fork seals

    try using a light grease in the seal and dust seal to catch the dirt
  2. I wanted to know the closest bend to stock 06 yz450 protaper handle bars? Bent mine in a crash. Also looking for exhaust bent the muffler section.
  3. TAC

    Creatine and riding...

    Work cardio and legs they are what holds you on the bike and give you the best control. Kevin Windham has incredible style on the bike because he controls the bike with his legs. Cardio will increase the time you are able to ride and give you great lungs the reset will take care of itself.
  4. TAC

    broken clavical

    I,m working on get another copy of the x-ray from the ER. I have friend who works there and has the copy just has not brought it to me yet. Ive done research and talked to some friends who have had similar injurys and they all say they wish they would have had the surgery. They are lacking range of motion and some strength in the shoulder.
  5. TAC

    broken clavical

    Looking for reccomendations on doctors in arizona. I have a ortho who is affiliated with local high schools and consultant for SF Giants. I,m just skeptical about surgery vs normal healing. I do not want to get down the road and have further problems.
  6. TAC

    water pump machine shop

    They Should Be Able To Helicoil The Thread Back In
  7. TAC

    Best Helmets

    I disagree with helmet worn out/ratty in year. a quality helmet will last much longer than a year but only one hard crash. If I have to trust my head to any helmet I want a helmet I can trust will be there for me when the unfortunate happens. Go to the araiamericas web site and look at the helmet from a street bike 140 mph crash into a street sign post(located in the astounding link) and the guy is still alive. You only have one brain and one crash is all it takes. We have a local shop called Helmet Harbor and on the shelf they have a cut away Arai and also the other shell that most helmet manufactures buy and the Arai is about twice the thickness.
  8. TAC

    06 450 Getting Enzo Revalve & Tanks

    With all the factory set up enzo does I just wonder if it occured to any one that the shim stack in the stock fork and shock may be from enzo? If you want a custom job work with a local reputable suspension tuner.
  9. TAC


    What boots would you buy? and what boots do you wear?
  10. TAC

    Fork problem

    check the fork leg for damage may have a ding it it cutting the seal
  11. TAC


    I do not understand how we spend $6000 on a motorcycle,$120 on a set of tires that last 2-5 rides,and $10 a gallon on race fuel and skimp on protection. I agree that $430 is alot for boots or a helmet, but how much has the injury cost you?? I feel that the better equipment also protects better. The largest factor in cost is research not cool factor. Any company can make boots or helmets that can pass standards but are you only worth the minimum protection?
  12. I play on pc and have tried to hook up with other no luck.
  13. I can see how being on your own team vs factory hurts look at all the millions more nascar guys are making now vs when they were factory. Think about it and it is the future and way for our sport to grow. Outside sponsership is bringing in more fans and in turn will make motocross/supercross larger.
  14. TAC

    What are you AZ guys running for jetting?

    FIGURED ME OUT QUICK. In my experience you will get more out of gearing by reducing engine load than you can find with jetting changes. On the track you will never top out 5th gear.
  15. squeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz the bike with your legs and you wont fall off the back, or you could try a seat belt.