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    Thank you very much guys, At least I feel a little bit more welcome here. I have tried all of above and can't win. I can see that I will have to replace the carb with a Mikuni or something. Just wish I could borrow a carb of a running 600 that I can make sure before spending the money.
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    Yes I have heard of google, thanks for the answer but I found that link on google but if you read correcly you will see I asked for a 600 carb. That is a 650 carb and not the same as mine. A very shitty answer for the first question I ask here!
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    Hi guys. New to this forum. I own a 98 XR600R. I have a aftermarket exhaust on and it keeps on popping and dying at closing the throttle and slowing down. Were do I find the link to Dave's mods? Thanks