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  1. Morning guys Out riding my honda crf 250r 2008 yesterday,when it decided to just cut out and stop. I then found the Kickstart was jammed. I rocked the bike back and forward in all gears,And found that in 5th gear it released the kick start. Any info on this would be appreciated,would it release the kick start if the engine had seized??? Regards Gary
  2. Excellent,thanks for the info 👍
  3. Hi guys Can anyone tell me what the standard sprockets are for a honda crf 250r 2008. Thanks
  4. Hi guys Can anyone tell what the stock number of teeth are, on the front and back sprocket for the honda crf 250r 2008
  5. Thanks for the reply The power valves,guides and linkage are all brand new.I know you can adjust the power valves to come in early or late depending on how much tension you put on the spring ,which ive tried, but that makes no difference.
  6. Hi Guys any help on this problem would be great. I have a suzuki rm 125, Complete enguine rebuild. (every thing) New cylinder,& piston & ring. New coil. Stator re-conned. boysen reeds (new) Pilot jet 50 Main jet 330 Needle clip 3rd position Im running the bike @32-1 on mx9 , the bike splutters quite a bit up to 1/4 throttle the revs good,but when i get high on top end the bike Cuts out.It will then start again first kick but revs quite high, then settles down,then i go through the same all over again.????Could this be jetting or possibly the cdi box. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT Thanks
  7. That's good news. I've just had my stator reconditioned,it was reading slightly below what it should. I just this minute finished putting boyesen reeds in. All ready for tomorrow to sort the jetting out.
  8. Looking good👍 where did you get the cdi box from??
  9. Funny thing is,I have got a slight hesitation on 1/4 throttle on mine.if you flick the clutch at this point it clears.ive just replaced the coil,and my stator is being checked now.keep us up dated.
  10. I am just finishing rebuilding a 1990 rm 125,i used cmsnl they are in postage to the uk,over a £200.
  11. Nice one Thanks for the help👍
  12. Nice one I will give it a go during the week,and see how it goes.its a little niggle that annoying.
  13. So I'm thinking that as the niggle is at 1/4 throttle,start with the piolet jet.