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  1. cobroker

    another oil change issue- starter won't work now

    Thank for you posting this. We took cell pics of what we did, and were going to take them apart again...nothing like another oil change after 50 miles, lol. I think we put a washer in the wrong space. and yeah I had to buy two because my 17 yr old wanted to learn to ride so....one thing led to another
  2. Ok, I feel like an idiot here. Picked up a couple new 2017 RMX450's. did the first compete oil change on both bikes last weekend. changed filter, removed the magneto cover, removed and cleaned the second screen, followed the owner manual exactly! Unfortunately what it doesn't cover is that when you pull the magneto cover, half the damn gears and washers pull out and fly all over. Plus there are no pics, diagrams, or instructions on how to reassemble. Thankfully, we had the second bike to very slowly pull the cover off, and then check the placement of all the gears, washers, etc. So, reassembled everything, both bikes kick start fine, but neither bike will start using the starter motor. It seems like it 'binds' or is out of phase with the gears or something? Not sure what we did wrong? any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this or know how to correct? thanks
  3. cobroker

    Loveland or Ft. Collins Co. Trail riders

    We were hoping to get out for a mellow ride this Sunday. We're located on the north side of Denver Metro. Any ideas or spots that would be rideable? Not into MX tracks at all as we are just breaking in some new RMX450's still. Thanks
  4. cobroker

    where to ride this weekend 1.6 or 1.7

    Update: We had a great first ride on the bikes yesterday. only a few inches of show on the shady parts of the trails, and we were going slow so it was actually a great exercise in throttle control, clutch control, etc. Put about 30mi on the bikes and didn't crash once! Thank you for all the replies and info, we really have a lot to learn, lots of techniques to practice and are looking forward to riding new areas and meeting some new people!
  5. cobroker

    where to ride this weekend 1.6 or 1.7

    Well, y'know how much power the Utah sand dunes rob..lol. I actually have some experience; pro roadracing, had a 08 WR450 for a couple years, raced quads, did a lot of sledding, so....maybe not brand new. My son is pretty athletic and has some dirt bike experience from 8-10 yrs ago on little bikes, plus we both race enduro mtn bikes now. Not complete noobs, but wanted somthing that had enough power to just trail ride and take to Moab.
  6. cobroker

    where to ride this weekend 1.6 or 1.7

    Hi Mike, thanks for the Watkins suggestion. We may be up for that. I think we're going to try Lost park/Jefferson area on Friday. It will be cold, but should be snow free in most areas. At first with my son I just want to take him somewhere without the pressure of a lot of other riders around.
  7. Finally pulled the trigger on some new Suzuki RMX450's this last weekend for my son and I. Pretty much new riders and want to take them somewhere near the Denver Metro area for the initial break in ride and just to get out on them. Any suggestions of where to go that aren't snow covered? We usually camp up near Jefferson and know the trails, but that seems pretty far away and cold. thanks