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  1. bbccdd

    New chain adjustment question

    Thanks for all the info everyone. I had no idea there will such little adjustment in the life of a chain, learn something new every day.
  2. So I put on a new 520 chain, 44 rear and 14 front. From everything I read I was supposed to finish up with 112 links which is what I have. But I have so little adjustment on my adjusters I must have done something wrong. Is it just a matter of taking out another link? this can't be normal is it? 2018-03-04_12-51-51 by Rob Ert, on Flickr
  3. bbccdd

    Changing front sprocket on a trip

    Really good information everyone, sure do appreciate it all.
  4. Hey all. I've got an 02' DRZ400E. I'm going to be doing the WABDR this July and need to ride 500km pavement to get to the start and probably more on the ride home. I've already changed the gearing to 14/44 from the stock 14/47 and it's better but I'm thinking of changing to 15/44 to help with the 500km of asphalt and then switch the front sprocket back to 14 for the 6 days of dirt. Anyone have idea's on how to change the front sprocket when it's put on with red locktite and has huge torque?
  5. bbccdd

    IMS 4.0 install problem

    Yes I have the correct tank for the E model. The issue isn't that the hook won't reach the seat it is that the seat hits the seat hook too soon. If I cut the plastic under the seat it will allow the seat to move up another 3/4" or so and then the bolt holes will align. Not a big issue just wanting some input before I take out the sawzall.....
  6. bbccdd

    IMS 4.0 install problem

    2002 DRZ400E. Hey all. I'm having an issue with my new IMS 4.0G tank. I have it installed now (took 1 1/2 hours to get the Emperor rad guards and the IMS tank to bolt together well) but the seat will not fit far enough up for the rear seat bolts to line up, they are still about 3/4" away. 20180201_160931 by Rob Ert, on Flickr The plate doesn't really adjust. And I was hoping to get some input from anyone that has installed the same tank to a 400E before I cut the seat plastic 20180201_161328 by Rob Ert, on Flickr And before anyone asks, yes I have hit it aggressively with a mallet...
  7. bbccdd

    Trailtech endurance 2 not reading speed

    did you follow the specific instructions on where to position the sensor? making sure the magnet does not pass too closely to the sensor, there's pictures on the instruction sheet. I've had 2 trail tech gauges and both worked flawlessly.
  8. bbccdd

    400E main jet

    The Suzuki factory sent out a bike without an airbox lid?
  9. bbccdd

    400E main jet

    02' 400E. It came with a Yoshi exhaust, airbox lid gone and rode perfectly. I've since put the stock muffler back on and drilled out the tip as detailed here on the site. I checked the main jet an it is the stock 142. The bike runs perfectly still, all be it a bit less grunt. I pulled the plug and it's a tich rich looking, tanned insulator but black side walls. The fuel milage isn't the best, 160km per 10L all in dirt throttling it most of the time reading thru the shop manual I see that some of the E models came with a main jet of 165 and some, like mine, came with a 142. Anyone know why? since the plug already looks a tich rich is there a point to me trying a 165? I haven't pulled the carb out yet to see if a kit of some kind has been put in that'll be my next step. Appreciate any input. 2018-01-09_06-13-26 by Rob Ert, on Flickr 2018-01-09_06-13-10 by Rob Ert, on Flickr getting things tidied up and ready to install