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  1. The Suzuki factory sent out a bike without an airbox lid?
  2. 02' 400E. It came with a Yoshi exhaust, airbox lid gone and rode perfectly. I've since put the stock muffler back on and drilled out the tip as detailed here on the site. I checked the main jet an it is the stock 142. The bike runs perfectly still, all be it a bit less grunt. I pulled the plug and it's a tich rich looking, tanned insulator but black side walls. The fuel milage isn't the best, 160km per 10L all in dirt throttling it most of the time reading thru the shop manual I see that some of the E models came with a main jet of 165 and some, like mine, came with a 142. Anyone know why? since the plug already looks a tich rich is there a point to me trying a 165? I haven't pulled the carb out yet to see if a kit of some kind has been put in that'll be my next step. Appreciate any input. 2018-01-09_06-13-26 by Rob Ert, on Flickr 2018-01-09_06-13-10 by Rob Ert, on Flickr getting things tidied up and ready to install
  3. Is this stuff still for sale? Thumper talk engine covers, EBC brake pads?