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  1. okay so, to start my journey of problems with my bike I'll give you a run. I decided to do a top end rebuild for maintance, I put new piston and rings in and new intake valves, put it together and there's a very loud noise after 5 minuets, I take it out and find the piston clip which I did not replace and the new ones got lost had came out scratched up the bore. the piston was alright but the bore was done for and the clip was somewhere else. I take the bike fully apart and find it and put it back together with a second hand bore good condition. I ride it for about 1 hour and the bike has a rattling the hole time and then gets really loud and blows up. the piston was touching the head very lightly everything and then must for got to much ando cracked the piston. I originally thought the piston could of stretched out due to the previous problem. anyways I do a full rebuild, everything new Crack bearings everything. I put it together and it runs but there's a little noise that I'm confident is not normal a fear it's hitting the head again so I shut it off. I take the head of and there's a slight imprint of the exhaust marking on the piston now on the head very faint. so I am almost confident it's the bore. but I'm unsure what to do about, i've measured the difference in length and it's only .20 of a mm I wouldn't think that's enough Im puzzled and I'm getting beyond sick of it. please give any advice please.
  2. my bike recently blew up, the piston clip came out and scratched up the whole bore. so I brought a new one from a wrecker, I brought all new piston and rings and put it all back together. an hour of riding the bike shits itself. I tear it apart and find the piston hit the top of the head and it broke the aluminum mold for the pin on Conrod, I felt pretty lucky since I only have to replace the piston. I Measure the difference in bore length and it's only half a mm. what should I do to make the bore longer, and another base gasket? buy a larger gasket?
  3. Kieran Black

    yzf250 knocking noise after rebuild.

    I can't belive it, you guys were right. I am beyond pissed of garking on the cylinder, might just be salvageable. more worried about the circlip which I cannot find. this is a bloody joke. thank you guys for reply because I was about to take it to a shop, but now it's just my own fault. thank you
  4. Kieran Black

    yzf250 knocking noise after rebuild.

    okay this could possibly be the problem, it would be impossible for the clip to slide into the bottom end ? the noise was more of a knock though not a rattle of a clip. the bike still runs so obviously the pin is still in tact, yet if the clip was loose that could cause the pin to move around within the slot ?
  5. Kieran Black

    yzf250 knocking noise after rebuild.

    thanks for replying, yes that's exactly what I have done back tracked. the noise was definitely not there before rebuild but I have gone over everything. as for the wrist pin, that could be something as my new piston kit came with circlips with no plyer hole so I just used the old ones which had them. I didn't think this would matter as they fitted alright in the slot?
  6. Kieran Black

    stickey auto decompression cause engine noise?

    thank you for replying, if you could please check out my new post it would be much appreciated as I have ruled out more possibilitie, yet the cam chain tensor could still be the advocate
  7. I have freshly rebuild my top end on my 2009 yzf250, new intake valves piston and rings, cam chain. I put it all back together ran mint, but after starting it up for about the 3Rd time a loud knocking noise from the engine appears, the bike is still running fine although a very obvious loud knocking noise. valves are all inspect aswel. note, the knocking id only at one certain compression stroke its past TDC its a short stroke but quite a difficult one, never had even put it in gear so i dont think it is the trans. i also ripped out the cams a couple times thinking that was the problem and once i put it together it ran mint for about 4 seconds then knocking came back. I originally thought it was the exhaust cam decompression sticking but after inspection was not making the nosie. I took the flywheel off and checked if I had put it wrong, but no. have just tore apart the clutch side cover and all teeth are fine. I am at a point where I don't know what to do next. please any advice is much appreciated.
  8. when I freshly rebuild my top end I put it together ran mint but after a couple restarto, no proper ride suddenly after I started it up very loud engine noise coming from topend, my first assumption was the exhaust auto decompression was sticking and hitting something in the head as maybe the cam was out if bike for a while for a rebuild maybe it could have gotten stuck? then it the noise stopped, I could tell because after every turn of the cam it would make a loud click noise bUT it had disappeared, I put it back together ran fine. restarted it again, noise is back again I played with it and when i would move it quickly it would stick on the odd time for half second, could this cause the noise? I don't even know if the cam if causing the noise but I was guessing.
  9. thanks for quick reply, yes I have taken out the cams and I think I have just solved the problem, the original sticking was when the decomp was engaged and stuck like that, for a mere second or so. hopefully with the clean out this will be fixed. the friction I stated before was because insufficient lubrication and the wrong angle from when the cam was suppose to engage. and that was effecting it half way. I have since added wd40 for tempo lubrication and has since solved the problem of friction. hopefully this will solve the noise in engine but I can only assume. I will reply weather it does not( fingers crossed )
  10. I freshly rebuild top on my 09 yzf250 with new valves and piston. I put it back toget her and it ran mint, turned off starting back up and really out noise coming from top end( not normal ) so I was freaking out. I took the valve cover off after guessing it was the auto decompression sticking and played with it a little and it had stopped, pUT it back together ran mint, thought I had solved the problem. Yet when starting it up again after a oil change the noise was back again. ffs, tore it apart and took the exhaust cam out and it was sticking a little but nothing to worry about ( I thought ) I gave it a good clean out with brake cleaner and air compressor. as the decompression comes on it gets stuck half way and feels like something is grinding away in the shaft. sometimes I cant even get it to return. I can even see a edge pointing off the exit of the shaft, means it's being grinding away the insides, so something is stuck in there but how do I remove the decompresson system to clean out? cheers