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    Clutch not engaging

    Hey bruddLee ,did you ever find out what the problem was?
  2. Hmmm that's true... The last owner used it for tight technical trails. He had 90/10 dirt/street wheels and even changed the gear ratios. Since I plan on riding street mostly, and dirt only occasionally, a stock one would probably last me much longer. Thanks for sharing your experience riding street. Also, if the dr & drz use the same petcock, can you post the k&l rebuild kit you bought or part#?
  3. That's what I was considering (rebuilding the OEM petcock). ... Only thing is I wouldn't want to be rebuilding it all the time (previous owner of the bike said he replaced like 3 of them over a period of 3000 miles), and also, I wouldn't want to let gas fill the carb if the OEM fails AND the carb's float needle happens to fail at the same time. Does anyone know of any other aftermarket VACUUM petcocks that would last longer than the Zuki one? Or does Pingel make an all-in-one vacuum petcock? I saw a "make your own valve feature" on the pingel website, so I might give that a try... Thanks again!
  4. Lol! At least the preservatives give it a long expiration date. Unlike the Zuki Petcock
  5. Sorry, this is the Pingel inline vacuum valve I was referring to above: http://www.pingelonline.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=3CCC32F0434D41F0B6C89EC32D85EB11 or by SKU on their website: 9050-AV
  6. Hi guys! I own a DRZ400s and have a question about taking a different approach to the standard leaky petcock Fix. So, I just ordered the fix a lot of people recommended on here for the leaky stock petcock: The Petcock off of a Yamaha Raptor. I did this after looking for other vacuum petcocks and not finding good alternatives. However, I found a part made by Pingel, and was wondering if it would work in conjunction with the Yamaha Raptor petcock, in order to give me the perks of the Suzuki Vacuum Petcock, without it's shoddy craftsmanship and limited life. Could one of you guys help me out, and tell me if this would work? Do I just place the Pingel Inline Vacuum Valve on the fuel line between the Raptor Petcock and the Carb? Or does the Pingel Valve work as a petcock all on it's own? Thanks guys. Besides hitting the dirt often, I am trying to use my DRZ to zip around Los Angeles and make deliveries with postmates/grubhub/etc, so I would not like have to shut off the manual petcock every time I hop on/off the bike. Thanks again guys!