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  1. Nandosguy

    Husqvarna TXC Valve Compatability

    2010 black valve cover. 2013 red head
  2. Does anyone know if the Husqvarna txc 250 (black valve cover) and the Txc 250R (red head) use the same inlet and exhaust valves? would be great to know please. TIA Daniel
  3. Hi Guys, so i have had this Husky for about 4 months now, it's quite a nice bike, though it's a little low on torque at low revs, especially given i weigh 98kg. But I can't seem to get it to run nicely, and I have no Husky dealers anywhere near me available to help. as best i can tell there are only two adjustments that can be made, The main throttle body butterfly end stop, this obviously adjusts how much the butterfly can close when you release the throttle, and the star headed screw on the side of the throttle body, (seems to be a Air screw) I've fiddled endlessly with these two trying to get the bike to run and start better, but i just can't find a sweet spot. according to the work shop manual, the screw is for setting the idle, (which is supposed to be 1950rpm, no idea how to set that without a rev counter, can just guess i suppose) If the screw sets the idle, then where should the butterfly be? completely closed? In that case what sets the richness? is it all done by mapping? My Current problems are: The bike struggles to start cold, i Have to hold the throttle wide open and use a carefully timed combo of starter and kicker. When it finally starts, it splutters and runs badly for 3 or 4 minutes until its warm, then it seems to be okay and it idles alright. Once it gets very hot and the fan is kicking in, it splutters again and wants to die at low and medium revs, which means i have to keep it revving and tackle every obstacle at an uncomfortably high speed. once it's had a chance to cool a bit it runs better again but still not perfectly. I have a brand new iridium plug in it, and the plug looks neither burnt nor carboned up. The fuel pump is priming and whizzing away in the background, all contacts clean and servicing done, the bike is generally in good condition, it just runs badly. I live 650m above sea level, in a fairly hot climate, and our fuel here is 98 octane unleaded. As i previously rode carb model two strokes, I have no experience with this, it's nothing like old fashioned jetting. any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, Daniel.
  4. Nandosguy

    Husqvarna TXC 250 efi 2010 model wont start.

    Okay cool so I got it running again... it starts with the starter motor , I have to open the throttle half way in order for it to fire up, once it's warmed up for 5-10 seconds it idles fine, how do I set the richness ? I don't have any software or anything fancy. I see there is a air bypass screw on the side of the throttle body? Does any1 know how many turns out is the default setting? And procedure for fine tuning? Unfortunately no Husky dealers anywhere near me, so I'd have to attempt to set it the old fashioned way? Thanks for all your help so far. The Braap is strong with you.
  5. Nandosguy

    Husqvarna TXC 250 efi 2010 model wont start.

    Thanks. Would you happen to know what the inlet and exhaust clearances should be?
  6. Hi guys, I recently bought a second hand husky txc 250. I did a couple of bush rides on it and loved it. It gradually became harder to start, eventually I could only bump start it, it refused to start on the starter or kick regardless of the engine being hot or cold. And now it won't start at all. It will fire and rev a couple of revolutions and then die again if I try bump start it. Here is what I have checked so far : New iridium plug, sparking well. New fuel filter. Fuel pump working and pumping fuel Electrical connections cleaned with contact cleaner and connected well. Fuses are good. Temp sensor is good Efi throttle body is clean Battery is charged up and strong. Exhaust is clear of obstructions Air filter new and clean. Anybody got ideas? I guess I could pull the top off and check valve clearances? But I think this model is shimmed. Also the compression still feels great under the kicker. Thanks for reading Daniel