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  1. codybrown

    Best water pump options crf450r

    I bought a complete honda kit off eBay last night for $74 shipped to me
  2. So my bike's leaking coolant, and I pulled it apart today. The shaft is worn so it needs to be replaced along with the bearings/seals. Is the outlaw racing a decent kit? It's the only one I've found that is complete.
  3. codybrown

    XR100R part interchangeability

    Thank you
  4. codybrown

    XR100R part interchangeability

    So I recently bought a '00 XR100R that's a basket case. I need quite a few parts for it, and I've found another bike but it's a '90. Majority of the parts I need are timing components, airbox/carb etc, and various cables. Will all these interchange between the 2 bikes?
  5. codybrown

    What piston do you recommend

    Thank you. I have ordered a new piston, wrist pin, circlips, head and base gasket from Kawasaki.
  6. codybrown

    What piston do you recommend

    So I've acquired a '04 that needs a top end. I have it already torn down and am ready to order parts. Looking on Rocky mtn atv, the Pro-x and Wiseco pistons run about the same price. Is one preferred for this bike over the other, or any reason to go with a different brand?
  7. codybrown

    Why are these bikes so cheap?

    Found a 1 owner '04 yz450, "valves readjusted about 8 hours ago, starts first few kicks runs great. Brand new back tire, extra white rear plastics and number plate. Never raced only trail ridden." Has a title and is asking $1200 obo
  8. I have a crf450r and I was looking for a 250 for a spare, but I keep running across 01-04 yz 426's and 450's for what I consider peanuts. 900-1200 with titles on my local craigslist. Is there a reason these bikes have such a low resale? I can buy them for the same money or often less than comparable year 250's. I'm already used to riding my current bike, and my thought was to buy a 250 for a spare because it would be cheaper.