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  1. Yz.250

    Wow, I love this bike.

    Bike is sick, love the Yamahas!
  2. Yz.250

    Subframe Repair Questions 17’ crf 450

    That’s a hard one since it isn’t just a straight cut of square tubing. I think you might need a new frame or you could cut it up, and reweld it straight.
  3. I've seen these on snowbikes before, insanely powerful.
  4. Yz.250

    What size piston???

    I'd go with the A piston then!
  5. Yz.250

    Random excuses for not riding Thread

    One of my friends says I have to be worthy to ride with him because he is so fast, yet he never comes and refuses to race me.
  6. Yz.250

    Short bed vs long bed_tundra

    I use a short bed tundra all the time. We put three bikes in and a lot of other stuff. Go with the long bed, it's a huge pain strapping everything down since I can't close the tailgate since it's a short bed.
  7. Yz.250

    Post a pic of your 2 strokes

    That bike is absolutely beautiful
  8. Yz.250

    Carb cleaning

    take it apart, and spray lots of carb cleaner inside and out.[emoji1531]
  9. Yz.250

    Yellow YZ250 nearly finished

    Fits great, 100% straight as an arrow. 10/10 quality wise. nice and grippy too
  10. Yz.250

    Yellow YZ250 nearly finished

    no, I just clean my bike after I ride it with a wet rag
  11. Yz.250

    Yellow YZ250 nearly finished

    here's a few more[emoji1531]
  12. Yz.250

    Harris Performance Yz250

    The 295 had no over rev compared to the 250. It did have a lot of torque but it wasn't all that fun to ride compared to a stock or ported cylinder.
  13. Yz.250

    Harris Performance Yz250

    I'm running 50/50 pump and 100 octane fuel
  14. Yz.250

    Harris Performance Yz250

    I had just sold off my 300 kit and got another bone stock cylinder. I decided to send this one out to get ported. Stock Yz250's are very smooth and easy to ride. This is a little bit different now. The bottom end is soft and mellow, fast but soft. Once I am past 1/4 throttle it explodes. This motor is an absolute rocket ship. It revs so high, I can hold the gears out another 2-3 seconds over stock. It will run with a 450 at the gate and out of a corner, the motor is a gem and an absolute racing masterpiece now. Aggressive, but very tractable oddly enough. Service was great, Derek is a good dude. 10/10 would recommend this product and his work. The setup is the stage 1 porting, stage 2 piston, timing advance 3 degrees, head mods.
  15. kdx220 is great for the trails, it's light too