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  1. I wouldn’t sand down the pads, but that’s just me. I would think if you paid for quality new Parts they all should go togther like factory. I wonder why they made the rotor an extra mill thicker than stock? Is it possible the new pads have excessive material on them and they’re actually the issue?
  2. I looked at them and under the description it spefically says their pegs aren’t meant for off-road and aren’t warrantied for off-road riding. When I read that I decided they weren’t for me.
  3. I think you’re way over thinking it for this application. The weights are so minuscule that I don’t think you could load those particular bikes wrong even if you tried.
  4. Lol big heavy drz. I’m used to hauling sport bikes and cruisers and have never had an issue loading a single side. As long as your trailer has decent suspension you should be good to go loading on the outside rails.
  5. I’ve got those already. Perhaps I just have poor body position.
  6. I agree, but it feels like I’m squatting to drop a deuce. I’m not sure if I’m uncomfortable because it’s just new or I’m too tall. I’ll deal with what I have now on my current set up and hope for the best.
  7. Let me start off by saying I'm new to riding dirt and I've been working on standing more and more because that's what you're supposed to do I suppose. I already have raisers and taller bars, but I still feel hunched and uncomfortable standing. I'm 6'3 and I put lowered pegs on my DR650 as well as higher bars and it works great. The only solution I can think to of is to lower the pegs on the DRZ, but I'm concerned about ground clearance. Do any tall fella's have any insight on the subject?
  8. You just had to throw in that you didn’t have to take the clutch basket off didn’t you. Just to throw it in my face 😉
  9. Dry.
  10. Just received the vent line you suggested. Looks like it’s going to work perfect, thank you for the tip.
  11. Missouri

    Man, that was fun to watch, those guys are crazy!
  12. Missouri

    It’s about a three hour drive for me. I won’t probably be able to get down there, but a few times a year.
  13. Missouri

    I live in Ashland, right outside of Columbia so it’s a little drive for me as well.
  14. Missouri

    Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind as well. I want to try to get down there this spring if possible.