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  1. g steezy

    What part in my fork do I need to order?

    I noticed that as well. I sent them a message and I'll see what happens. This little mess up may make just have to buy a used set of forks as the parts may not be cost effective or available. Can anyone tell me if this looks like factory internals? I've never had a DRZ fork apart so I'm not sure what's what, I will say it looks different from the parts diagram.
  2. g steezy

    What part in my fork do I need to order?

    hmmmm I'm guessing it's not factory.
  3. I had a leaking fork seal and decided to fix it myself eventhough I have have never been in this style of fork before. I had already tried cleaning the seal out with no luck. Anyway I got the fork park and as I poured the fluid out these parts came with it. I don't know if I broke them getting things apart or if that had been broken. Either way it looks like I may need number 11, if so that little bugger is expensive! Also any insight to installing the lower bits would be helpful.
  4. g steezy

    Persistent flat tires on both front and back

    My buddy had this issue and it ended up being a bur on the inside of the Wheel that he most likely happens when he was a little too aggressive installing his own tire. Just something to keep in mind.
  5. g steezy

    DRZ Tank

    It would probably work better than my cell phone considering the places I end up at.
  6. g steezy

    DRZ Tank

    The tank looks fine, I would remove those goofy antennas instead 😉
  7. g steezy


    Clear up near Columbia, MO
  8. g steezy


    I’m looking to ride with someone at finger lakes. If I could make it down there in time for the morning, I would.
  9. Which I’m surprised because the Facebook page is pure garbage. It’s mostly cocky guys talking about wheelies and F the po-lice. If someone is seeking help with an issue with their bike.......... haha good luck. I’m thankful this forum is around, it’s helped me out greatly.
  10. Exactly. I feel turbo dan puts way too much faith in the engineers. While they do a good job for the most part, they’re definitely not god like creatures and do make mistakes. I work on cars for a living and see engineer mistakes on the daily. My DRZ chain failed due to the engineered acct. I would agree with that the mcct is an upgrade for this bike and appication. I also want to back up Ohio here, while I haven’t been here long he has always been helpful and respectful. The only one acting like a child is you, turbo dan. You should work on having a adult conversation without getting so butthurt.
  11. Wtf over. That almost looks like there is no cam chain guide in the motor and the tensioner is running straight on the chain. Im certain that can’t be the case, but how you get wear that like is beyond me.
  12. g steezy

    aftermarket clutch cable failure

    I too have had issues with motion pro and tusk cables. Some of their stuff is pretty nice, but some of it is pure crap. When I’m in doubt I’ll run oem.
  13. g steezy

    Pirelli MT21 Front

    I’m about to do a 500 mile trip on the Dunlop 606’s front and back. I have never ran them before, but I’m hoping for the best. If the front doesn’t work out I’ll try the mt21.
  14. g steezy

    slant FCR mid-body gasket replacement

    Good for you, I always enjoy hearing about when people get their bikes sorted out. It’s a good feeling for sure 👍
  15. g steezy

    Yike's, cracked piston, now quiet engine

    I thought so personally.