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  1. Hey Guys This is my first post on ThumperTalk! I have a 1990 XR200R that has been difficult to start for a while, generally smokes pretty bad while it warms up, and idles all over the place. It also burns oil pretty solidly. I have suspected for awhile that the compression is low so I picked up a compression tester from harbor freight and tested it. The compression i got when the bike was warmed up was like 80 and then after I put a cap full of oil in the cylinder I got around 90psi. So my question is whether or not you guys think i should just jump into a valve seal/cylinder rings rebuild? Or Whether or not something else could be wrong. Also I am a little unsure of how to find a rebuild kit that will work with this bike. I appreciate your guys's opinions and am excited to hear what you have to say! Thank You!