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    92 DR350---won't start

    Compression seems good because it's a MOFO to kick without the decomp lever. But I will read up on how to do a compression test on this bike, I know how to do it on a car that's running and FI. Trying easy and free troubleshooting before disassembling the carb. Thank you!
  2. dillydilly

    92 DR350---won't start

    Hello everyone, New to the bike world, coming from BMWs, long story short I made an impulse buy and snatched up a 92 DR250 dual-sport for $600. But, as you probably could assume it doesn't run. Hence why im here instead of riding my bike. Motorcycle has been sitting for a little over a year. Changed spark plug (has spark), dumped the oil ~5L(which was like water from mixing with gas) and added fresh oil. Battery is dead so any further trouble shooting was done with jumper cables hooked up to my buddies truck. Ran through the entire decompression lever and blah blah blah. Bike still wont start even with stater fluid, not even a POP. Ive browsed far and wide for answers, so here i am before you. Bestow upon me your great knowledge.