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  1. Thank you and definitely its a metallic gray, and the coolant level is always the same so i guess its just old oil right?
  2. I surely will do! I just started Dirt biking about months ago and its been great since i bought the rm 125, i just got it fixed but the problem is that the oil is gray, what do you think it could be, a mechanic told me i can be the water pump seal, the problem is that i dont know how much was the oil sitting so probably is just dirty because the guy that previously had it didnt do oil changes.
  3. thank you appreciate it for your time
  4. i have a a suzuki rm 125 but i dont know what year is it, i have the vin code and i tried many websites but it doesnt tell the year this is the vin code: js1rf15a912100503 it woukd be greatly appreciated it if somebody can help me
  5. this is my 1999 dirt bike that i just bought and it runs but i want to know what hose goes in there and where is it going to be atattched too? the red wires where do they go connected too and the black hose from the engine please help me i will keep you guys updated, i want to make this a good project. Thanks
  6. thank you, all of you. it does look like a dr350 really appreciate it
  7. i cant figure out what model is this dirt bike it would be greatly appreciates if someone could help me the owner supposedly told me its a suzuki 1999 but didnt know what model i need this help because, i want to buy that dirt bike so i can restore it and make it run good vin number is: Jsldk41a7x2100079