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  1. well put in the RK tek head +fatty +shorty and ran it and the bottom is OBNOXIOUSLY rich. went down to a 27.5 pilot... OBNOXIOUSLY rich, air screw maxed out and its completely unrideable rich. going to skip the 25 and go to a 22.5 pilot on Tuesday when the shops open up and go from there I suppose. got it past the massive rich bog and onto the pipe for a pull and wow this thing no question is an absolute fvckin monster. no way a stock 250f could keep up with this top end pull.
  2. alright so got the ecu back and it is better, still stalls out a lot none of which is rider error. its on the gas no clutch and just instantly dies. was 58* today so not like it was super cold. Will this bike adjust anything for temp? Definitely a lot better but NOT night n day difference. Bike also runs out of steam in last 25% of rev range. not quite falling off a cliff like my 250sx was but its definitely a slug up top. id say worse now than before the ecu flash. both maps modes suck AND POPS MORE ON DECEL now after the flash Bike has 4.5hrs on it now.
  3. GCBC

    Vintage YZ490

    Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    call or text only! 412.400.6900 washingtonn pa 15301 very nice last year model of the king. (1990) rides like a bike that’s 10yrs newer. Fully gone thru a few years ago and used sparingly since. Brakes will impress you, suspension will impress you, handeling will impress you, gearbox will impress you, motor will terrify you! can show anytime of day.


    Washington, Pa

  4. Time Left: 25 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Good

    *CALL OR TEXT ONLY* Has brand new top end, sprockets, chain, brakes and wheel bearings with just under 3hr of break in time on it so it's ready to go. Rear tire is in great shape and front is in good shape. Bike screams & also chugs thru mud at just off idle. You won't believe how much low-mid this bike has! Of course the top end just sings. Has fmf shorty & carbon pipe guard and skid plate and rear lift strap on it and includes spare black plastics and oem silencer, has brand new yellow fork guards on it as of today. This bike is 100% race ready and would also work for a beginner! It’s a perfect do it all bike! Legitimately only thing she needs is your custom graphics on it! Work from home so can show anytime of day just ask. This is a proven bike that straight up rips, yes the plastics have some scratches and the bike isn’t “showroom mint” but she runs like she is, absolutely zero excuses for her performance. Only selling because I just bought a 2019 Eric four.one.two.400.6900 Bike is in Washington PA 15301 can show anytime of day! Have a Buch of pics and vid on my phone


    washington, pa

  5. GCBC

    Ktm 150sx For woods?

    I was debating this as well and ended up with the 19 150xcw. its really nice for what it is, I think id have been better off with the SX and doing a heavy fly wheel on it than trying to make this xcw better. If I could do it again id definitely gone with the 150sx and saved a &%$#@!load of cash that dealer had between the two models
  6. Time Left: 25 days and 8 hours

    • TRADE
    • Used - Like New

    brand new off my 19 150xcw would like to trade for your small black mx tank such as your 125/150/250sx tank. Must include your gas cap and fuel petcock etc so its a direct swap for me. Yours HAS to be in as new, didn't spend almost 10k on this thing so far to be putting shitty clapped out parts on it... You pay shipping for both seems fair since your getting the upgraded tank here.. please call or text me anytime ill take this down second I get something. Eric 412.400.6900 in Washington PA 15301 willing to drive an hr or so if local.


    washington, pa

  7. GCBC

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    g2 quick turn throttle on my new 19 150xcw. wish it was quicker turning
  8. thanks a bunch gents, ordered the 30mm Ktm ones. no clue why these never came up under my search. should work perfect and look clean!
  9. So I got the bike more than a week ago and have been looking every single day for risers. the XC-W is a totally different triple clamp:riser interface than my 18 sxf so what I did on that bike will not work. I only need 20-30mm. do NOT want 40mm+ . Not afraid to spend a few bucks if its gonna be bulletproof, look clean and be effective. otherwise the only option is completely new bars that are a full 1inch taller if they make them in the same bend as stock which I like This is best thing I've come across and doesn't mention how much taller it is over stock or if it will fit the 19 150xcw. the chinglish in description is bad. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Trail-Tech-KTM-Husaberg-Bar-Risers-Mount-kit-1-1-8-Fat-Bars-Black-030-MCB2-NEW/382594480905?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160727114228%26meid%3Dc37be41769b64c9c9455f54dc6db6a55%26pid%3D100290%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D382594480905%26itm%3D382594480905&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507 thanks
  10. So I got a new 150xcw and want to start racing it. About to order custom graphics to match my mx bike but I'm seeing different colored number plate backgrounds. I wont be traveling further than 200miles from Pittsburgh Pa to race so what rules in all the organizations in my area are there for background & number colors? Plastics kit on my mx bike is black numbers on white. I think the red background, white number or black background and white numbers would looks the best on this bike and look the cleanest longest thanks & if your local what good areas are there around here to practice in the woods?
  11. How high can I go on the idle? Will it add fueling while bike is running to reduce engine braking effect? I dont have a tach on this bike like my rmz450 did on the hr meter and that idled at 825-850 and never ever stalled, this sounds like its running at 1050ish right now.
  12. 1hr yesterday .7hr today. 1.7hr total. ran hard the whole time, feels like its freed up a huge amount same w gearbox since the first 30min
  13. im willing to bet running it 75* the other day then 35* today didn't help it. Throttle is deffinately jerky on/off so It really sounds like I need to send the ecu out before I ride it again. Is Blaise the only guy doing a good refresh?
  14. Ok just took the 450 out and did .7hrs. Stalled it at LEAST a dozen times, on the gas off the clutch flame outs, on the clutch all the way in why sliding the rear end dieing, mid corner transition to throttle dieing this is absurd. I just had another thought since I do like the light weight quick revving nature of the bike..... a rekluze clutch will always have it never flame out correct? or won't help that only help what id call an "idiots stall"where you mechanically let revs fall to low while releasing clutch? ordering one or the other this weekend
  15. I will look into the BLIAS RACING refresh, do they offer different octane choices or any other parameters I should consider? I enjoy a tall first gear, I think this is perfect, this is mainly mx use for this bike but id at least like to be able to play ride and ride it thru the woods around my house but the way it stalls is absurd. Will 5oz hurt me on the mx track since I like snappy 2 stroke like 4 strokes MORE than it will HELP me keep it from it dining out in the woods?