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  1. Thanks will try find them on the web. The US parts company’s don’t respond. Thanks for the reply. 👍
  2. Thanks found him on EBay he’s got some interesting stuff. 👍
  3. Thanks just mailed them hope they do. The prices are unbeatable compared with UK. 👍
  4. Thanks will check them out.
  5. Hi based in Uk and wanting some Honda XR Parts which are over priced in UK. Anyone no of any US suppliers that will ship to UK. Prices in US seem half the price to UK even with shipping and import taxes added. Thanks
  6. That’s great will have a look. Thanks
  7. Thanks yes these all fit. Seem like gold dust in UK will have to keep looking on EBay. I can see the exhaust will be the next problem. Thanks for reply
  8. Hi all struggling to get a generator cover , plastics and seat for my Honda XR100 R2. Do any other makes fit ? Can get from US but postage and import taxes make it expensive to ship to UK. Thanks