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  1. drzematt

    Help with indentifying skidplate

    Lmk if they sell you just the bolts I need to buy them to. I striped all the bolts on mine.
  2. drzematt

    Help with indentifying skidplate

    ThumperTalk skid plate
  3. I’m bad at drawing very simple put the kill switch wires together then red wire from key to switch then all the other key wires to other wire on switch
  4. You will have to get a soldering iron to put the wires together and some electrical tape or heat shrink tubing it’s a lot easier than it sounds
  5. There’s two wires coming from the kill switch cut both wires. Put those wires together. Then you have a switch. Put the red wire from the key to the wire on the switch then put the rest of the wires from key to the other wire from the switch.
  6. Use the kill switch for the key Put the two wires for the kill switch together then wire the key to the switch. There’s no point on having both.
  7. drzematt

    Burning oil Help

  8. drzematt

    Burning oil Help

    It’s my friends bike he said he tried to start it during the ride and it didn’t want to fire up. Took a couple try’s. I’m thinking it has low compression ?? How much you think to fix.
  9. drzematt

    Burning oil Help

    No is there a way to tell if it’s working right
  10. drzematt

    Burning oil Help

    Valves are in spec I didn’t see anything else that looks messed up
  11. drzematt

    Burning oil Help

    Need some help I was going around 80mph almost full gas all of a sodden the bike went to 65 mph almost full gas. Then I noticed the engine was a lot louder. Drove it for 40 minuets like this. Then drained the oil and its very very low. I drain it from the frame , engine, and oil filter. Where did all the oil go. The bike is running lean. And I do drop it a lot. And was around time for a oil change. Did it just burn all the oil. Or did it somehow go somewhere else. The oil that did come out was clean no metal. Should I just put new oil in and try it out. Or should I check the valves or something. What’s is in the picture is all the oil that came out
  12. drzematt

    seeking replacement exhaust advice

    Keep the stock exhaust I think any aftermarket exhaust will be to loud just repaint it
  13. drzematt

    Speedo cable

    Will a drz400 e speedo cable work on the s If not will a sm cable fit a s
  14. drzematt

    No power

    About to go pick up a new battery what size and how many wats or what ever is the stock
  15. drzematt

    No power

    The bike decided to fix itself I’m thinking it was the battery it start to come apart awhile ago and I just zip tided it to help it stay shut it stopped working after a couple stopis and happen 2 other time when I dropped it but only for a minute