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  1. Old post but did you figure it out? Im thinking of picking one of the stabilizers up.
  2. Ive been riding for 26 years, mostly sportbike with a few Harleys thrown in the mix. I just got into dual sports about 2 years ago and man, I didnt know what I was missing. I started with a klr, then a dr650 and now the 690. The dr was an awesome bike and really does anything you need it too. 16k trouble free miles before selling it. The 690 is in a whole other league. Power, handling and fit/finish are no comparison. 1200 miles on it so far. I split the time between it and my fjr, which has been sitting since getting the ktm. The last ride I took( devils creek dual sport) had me drooling over the 690 after seeing so many and I had 2 in my group. I kept up with them but I was riding the dr to its limit. I was faced with spending a $1k on suspension upgrades but decided to put it towards the 690 and Im glad I did. Also planning the tat with a friend in 2021, thats another reason for upgrading.
  3. Sounds like I dont need to ride the 19 since I just got my 16. So far I have loved the bike and haven't experienced any of the issues ive read about like buzziness and missed shifts. My 16 was bought new this February as a leftover and I only have 1200 miles on her so far. My fjr has been sitting since I bought the ktm.
  4. I have the double take mirrors and the same hammer head shifter. I would like to upgrade the brake pedal and get some small saddlebags to go with my tusk pannier racks. I have a set of neslon riggs but they are huge and for traveling. I like the graphics too btw.
  5. I placed the order for the storage bag for the rottweiler air filter. Should be here in a few days.
  6. What was the verdict? These bikes are notorious for fuel filter, pump and injector issues. Cant believe they havent come up with a better design yet.
  7. I havent had any issues with the stock cap. No dirt or hard opening. I thought that was going to be an immediate upgrade after buying it but Ive had no issues. You have the option of the vanache, factory or the cj designs. Thats the only options ive seen but they are all $$$
  8. I would ask the dealer if they worked on it for that reason. I cant comment on any other reason. Thats the bad thing with the 690 vs jap bikes... electronics.
  9. Not to familiar with the 690 as I only have 1200 miles on mine but I bought it for the long term and hope its reliable. I agree the 30k is nothing for most bikes. My fjr is at 34k miles and im driving it across country next month. I bought the 690 to do the tat in 2021.
  10. Leovince slipon, rottweiler intake and a pcv. Man, what a difference on performance. The leovince is decent with gentle riding but riding it hard, this thing is loud!!
  11. Sargent seat, 1" peg lowering brackets off ebay, 1" handle bar risers from ebay and some cr high bars made a huge difference on comfort for me. As far as storage, I had a cheap box in storage from years ago( similiar to a givi) that I mounted and its removable in seconds. Stores a ton of stuff and I can easily remove it when im going offroad.
  12. S.Ga.Rider

    jetting advice

    In case anyone else searches for this and needs help, heres what I did. Got everything installed and drilled a 3rd hole in the slide. I also replaced the carb air filter with a uni and rerouted it down beside the air box. Also removed the fuel screen in the carb and installed a k&n inline filter. I followed the instructions and put the clip on the 4th spot on the needle and started with the 150 main. It was running lean and popping bad on decel so I replaced it with the 155 and it runs awesome. Im surprised at the results. No lazy throttle, it will lift the front tire now and surging off idle is gone. Very happy with the results. Also you dont have to remove the carb to change jets.... and yes the stock screws are a pita!
  13. S.Ga.Rider

    jetting advice

    Going to be installing my pro circuit slip, procycle jet kit and twin air filter saturday(with cutitng airbox). Im at sea level and the kit recommends the needle clip on the 4th spot and a 150 or 155 main. I hope to get it right the first time so I dont have to rejet. Any suggestions on the best place to start?
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