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  1. In case anyone else searches for this and needs help, heres what I did. Got everything installed and drilled a 3rd hole in the slide. I also replaced the carb air filter with a uni and rerouted it down beside the air box. Also removed the fuel screen in the carb and installed a k&n inline filter. I followed the instructions and put the clip on the 4th spot on the needle and started with the 150 main. It was running lean and popping bad on decel so I replaced it with the 155 and it runs awesome. Im surprised at the results. No lazy throttle, it will lift the front tire now and surging off idle is gone. Very happy with the results. Also you dont have to remove the carb to change jets.... and yes the stock screws are a pita!
  2. Going to be installing my pro circuit slip, procycle jet kit and twin air filter saturday(with cutitng airbox). Im at sea level and the kit recommends the needle clip on the 4th spot and a 150 or 155 main. I hope to get it right the first time so I dont have to rejet. Any suggestions on the best place to start?
  3. The seat came with the bike when I bought it and yes its great. Rode 100 miles of dirt roads today with no pain at all.
  4. Picked up my 2013 about 2 weeks ago. Added an acerbis tank, ordered a procircuit slip-on, procycle jet kit, twin air filter and some footpeg lowering brackets. Now to figure out some saddlebag racks and new bars and she will be good to go