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    Am i to small or perfect size

    You fail to mention if you have any riding experience?

    Scotts Steering Damper Always On

    You could change the weight of the oil inside the damper to a lighter weight? Less resistance while still retaining some dampening effects.

    KTM Haters

    You triggered so many ppl with this, lol...... Kudos

    2019 Yz250f WONT START!

    Edit: Electric start problems lol

    Looking to buy first dirt bike ever

    @Gwain Maybe get a mod to move your post to the "what motorcycle should I buy" thread. You might get some good insight on other motorcycles to consider?

    Looking to buy first dirt bike ever

    I'm 36yo with 26 of those years spent riding. My current bike is a 14' yz250f and it's honestly not a beginners bike. I'm not saying you couldn't handle the power or make it work, but the characteristics of the bike is not going to cater to your riding style. You are going to struggle with clutch management. The yz250f does not lug well, majority of hp/torque is made in higher rpm's 8k+ Engine braking is not forgiving and can feel "jerky" especially in lower gears where you will be spending most of your time. If you whisky throttle you are likely going to hurt yourself, its not a kids bike, its a 40+hp mx bike. Taller seat height can alter how you stand over your bike, you want to be confident with both feet planted square. Shorter mx racers use blocks to stand on to start because it gives more control than hobbling on one foot or tiptoes thus get a bike you can stand comfortably over and maintain control when taking off.

    most fun bike

    Probably in both, approx @7:30

    most fun bike

    Steel Roots bro

    most fun bike

    For me it's the 1985/6 Honda ATC 250R but I enjoy my current bikes as well. I'll ride anything if I have friends and family to ride with, imo that's the most fun you can have.

    HELP! Kx250f Valve problems

    Idk anything about kx250f's but on yamaha those dots on the camshaft gears have to align at the top. It looks like the cam gear on the left is multiple teeth off timing. Also the crankshaft needs to be TDC to set the timing correctly. If you are binding the motor then likely the timing is off and a piston is making contact with a valve.

    When to change synthetic oil??

    OCD 1-2 rides Perfectionist 3-4 rides Normal people 5-6 rides Penny pinchers 7-8 rides YBOLO Never

    Which body armour must I choose?

    Proframe hands down the most protective and stylish.

    How to ride a full size bike

    Nice, you must have some awesome parents. Read through your owners manual, there is a lot of good info in there about how to tune and maintain your new bike. Afterward set your suspension sag if you haven't already. Start out at a riding pace you are comfortable with and practice riding as much as you can. Any 250f is a huge step from a yz85 so its natural the bike feels heavy but once you build some confidence you will get used to the power to weight ratio, which is simply amazing.

    Panthera 102hp 500 2 stroke

    No, you simply assume too many things in your writing when there are many variables that can be changed to alter the performance of four strokes: Camshafts, timing, valve size/angle, runner length, fuel injection, etc. Majority of extra hp gained on factory bikes are made through tuning, machining, flow benching the cylinder head. Something that can never be done on a two stroke, oh wait.... you can mill your dome and shave the head on a two stroke but still never achieve the compression ratio of a four stoke. Let's not forget about forced induction as the four stroke engine design is far more superior at producing power when increasing pressure in the combustion chamber where a two stoke would lose majority of the boost through the exhaust port. I get it, two strokes are good power:weight but they are old technology that has been surpassed by a better engine design known as the four stokes.