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  1. deanmellor

    98 cr 125 weird noise from new rebuild

    sweet man perfect thanks a lot for the help and i probably will
  2. deanmellor

    98 cr 125 weird noise from new rebuild

    yeah its a wiseco pro lite. thank you that helps me a lot
  3. My top end went on m 98 cr 125, the needle bearing clip came out and broke apart and shrapnel got everywhere and blew it up. I cleaned out the top end and washed out the crank with the bike upside down. the bike starts up great and seems to run fine but im getting a weird di-di-di-di-di-di-di noise coming from the motor. i tried adjust the power valve and tightening everything but the noise is still there. Here is a link to a video where you can hear the sound. It gets louder as rpm's get higher and at really low rpm barely idling it goes away. I am pretty new to bikes and 2 strokes so any help would be appreciated. https://youtu.be/msfU8WCXg8E