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  1. HHey

    Domerie Peak 1308

    Behold! Thread resurrection! Finally rode all of Domerie, out and back, with@katoomtime. I have to say, this is probably the most challenging trail I’ve ever ridden. Definitely the most fun! Really amazing ride. Conditions were perfect and I had the right tire. This was incredible. Only looped out once, around 15 min mark
  2. Anyone know where this is at?
  3. Until the stick breaks and you tumble back down Domerie.. haha
  4. Me when I first started riding. Here’s me now. Been a great two years.
  5. HHey

    new sherrif in town

    Not at all. I find it inspiring to see LEOs working so selflessly to uphold the important laws that form the fabric of this country. I hope to god my kids won’t have to grow up in a world where people ride non-plated bikes at a reasonable speed on the right hand side of forest service roads to connect trails.
  6. HHey

    new sherrif in town

    Thank god for this American hero. Riders have been connecting trails using forest roads with non-plated bikes for FAR too long. Worst part is, they usually get away with it as no one is around to see it happen, or be affected in the least way.
  7. Ha! Could’ve been us. I was taking a new rider out, so we came up the south (easy) route. What else did you ride?
  8. Nice! Was up there yesterday, saw your note in the book. Was it you who stole the pencil???
  9. I’ve always been able to rescue the bike without a rope, but I do carry hiking sandals in my pack. They pack really light, and I cannot imagine hiking 30 miles in moto boots!
  10. Sounds about right! Other guy with me had a fresh M5B, that’s the right tire for this imo. Love the steep switchbacks, but I never seem to get enough momentum to make it up and over that big root..
  11. Teanaway last weekend. This is Medra, going West to East. Man I was tanked by the time I got to the ridge line!
  12. HHey

    Who will be first

    This looks like a goldwing farkle @Euler
  13. HHey

    WTF I had to use my boot dryer in July

    More or less. Popped a tubliss bladder yesterday in Teanaway, and had to zip tie my tire to the rim to make it back. Those 10 or so creek crossings on Middle Fork were a bit sketchy with no air in the tire.
  14. HHey

    Yamaha dealer.

    Which bike??