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  1. ButchtheBARFdude

    Whirrr instead of Thumper Thumper; Electric moto Open House

    Formal presentation at 1 pm, and the facility has air conditioning.
  2. ButchtheBARFdude

    Whirrr instead of Thumper Thumper; Electric moto Open House

    Am I going to see any of you guys on Saturday at this Lightning thing?
  3. San Jose California... Lightning Open House Barf Style - July 27th 12 to 4PM When: Saturday, July 27, 2019, 12 to 4 pm Where: Lightning Headquarters 6299 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose, CA 95119 Who: YOU! Bring your friends for an afternoon of food and fun festivities. A live DJ will provide the tunes, so wear your dancin' boots! Scope out the new Lightning LS-218 Electric Superbike, and the soon to be released Lightning Strike! Mark your calendar for a BARF gathering on July 27th at the Lightning Motorcycles Facility in South San Jose. This event is sponsored by Lightning and BARF, your Bay Area Riders Forum. There is some good street riding nearby and dirt riding at the Santa Clara motorcycle county park is just 5 miles away. Go hit Mt. Hamilton or ride some dirt and then join us! Lightning Motorcycle manufactures the world's fastest electric motorcycle and offers the most affordable premium electric motorcycle available today. During this event you can view the Lightning LS-218 electric superbike and preview the soon to be released Lightning Strike. Boosted Skateboards will join us and you can try out one of their demo's. Electric Skateboarding in full moto gear should be fun.. Cycle Gear is bringing out a canopy and some cool stuff to check out!.... Food/Beverages available from Rich’s Taco Truck Julio from DedRinger will be our DJ spinning digits of solid music. He has a vast collection so ask him to play your fav. Slow race will go from 1:30 to 2:30 so go slow and win shit! A little history on Lightning: https://youtu.be/gmC2HCc5IzE
  4. ButchtheBARFdude

    EV Thing at Laguna Seca Today

    11 Annual "Refuel" Event is today. All sorts of cool stuff for you guys that are nearby. Lots of motos, lots of Teslas, lots and lots of home builts... http://www.refuelraces.com/about.php I hope to make it by later... Lovely day here today. Pic of last year...
  5. ButchtheBARFdude

    Tm 530 Black Dream Supermoto

    I have one. A 2005 530. Rocks. Way rocks. On the other hand, I am kinda lost in this site. I would post more otherwise. I am pretty much a bayarearidersforum.com guy
  6. ButchtheBARFdude

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    I just talked to Erika at Assemblymember Kalra's office and she said the bill has been re referred to the Appropriations Committee. I think that letting you Assemblymember and State Senator that you care and are paying attention and that you vote and you have friends that vote is important. You can find status here: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/fa...01720180SB1316
  7. ButchtheBARFdude

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    I sent this to my Assemblyperson, and will chat with them tomorrow. This: This bill promotes taking public park land from the state park system and putting it in the hands of a special interest group with no oversight of what their motives actually are. Furthermore, the State park plans are already for this area to largely be a nature preserve, which is what the special interest group purports their mission to be. What they actually do is beyond our control. This benefits Garamendi and her friends, not the public. Furthermore still, the Carnegie SVRA is in a unique location in that it is easily accessible to the bay area population, yet is remote enough not to impact residential populations. Furthermore again, this is just the continuing creation of roadblocks by Garamendi and her friends, which is wasting hundreds of thousand of dollars. Garamendi and her friends seem to have limitless financial resources to create obstacles. The state and the OHV community do not
  8. ButchtheBARFdude

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    I just looked up what "Pinche Cabrones" means...
  9. ButchtheBARFdude

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    the AMA District 36 Legislative Action Officer said this last week: "Hello Everybody. As SB-1316 continues through the process, we are at a point that pressure needs to go the your Elected Assembly Person and State Senator ESPECIALLY if you live in Alameda County........... *We need to keep up the pressure on *Senator Glaser and Assemblywoman Baker. Anybody that rides at Carnegie and wants the expansion, then these two need to be buried in phone calls citing opposition and burn up their phone lines. Simple to do, *just say your name, you live in the area (city and zip code) and you STRONGLY OPPOSE SB-1316. * The need to hear a MASSIVE SPIKE in phone calls from the OHV community. Call Glaser at 916-651-4007 Capitol office or 925-754-1461 local office & Call Baker at 916-319-2016 Capitol office or 925-328-1515 local office or you can call both and say same thing. Be POLITE and Professional........... I cannot stress enough that you make these calls.............. They will keep tabs on these calls and advise the member, so the more calls they get, they will KNOW that constituents are calling, thus they KNOW you vote in their district. WE REALLY NEED TO POUND ON LOCAL LEGISLATORS TO LET THEM KNOW WE ARE FIGHTING BACK AND WILL NOT GIVE UP! IF this Bill should pass out of the legislature, then we be asking for all to contact the Governor and ask him to VETO this bad bill. D36's Lobby Firm, and other OHV lobby firms are working hard to kill this bill, but they need support from us, the user community. Do it, or lose Carnegie's new 3,100 acres of new land YOU paid for! Thanks! Dave Pickett D36 LAO" See this http://ama-d36.org/sb-1316-carnegie-bill-hearings-we-must-take-action/ I try to keep BARF =current http://www.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=523582
  10. ButchtheBARFdude

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    I have commented on the content several times. It just encourages and authorizes the land to be sold at less than market value and blah blah blah. To much to repeat here. Sold to Celeste's organization. Really corrupt. Gotta work this capitalism thing, before it works you.
  11. ButchtheBARFdude

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    the bill has cleared the Senate and Assembly Committees. CORVA and the AMA and particularly our lobbyist, Terry McHale with Aaronread is all over this. I try to post updates on BARF and SBR. Sometimnes ADVRide and KTMTalk, and ThumperTalk. And MyFace, Carnegie Forever. It's ridiculous. I use BARF and my first vehicle... http://www.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=523582 It just goes on forever. Celeste and the hater think if they just continue to drag this on we will go away. I have faith in you guys. You will not go away and give up.
  12. ButchtheBARFdude

    Alta MX Electric

    Besides having four response maps (like different flywheel weight) the throttle has really good modulation. You can feed in exactly what you need. It is way easier to control than a gas bike. I rode a Lightning last week. It was also awesome.
  13. ButchtheBARFdude

    ATK Motorcycles

    I has a ‘91 406 Rotax two stroke with a nickle plated chrome moly frame. The Anti Torque Kniezzer too, and countershaft mounted reae brake. What a great bike...
  14. ButchtheBARFdude

    Alta MX Electric

    Easier to clean than an ICE bike
  15. ButchtheBARFdude

    Alta MX Electric

    100% hp and torque at zero rpm is pretty awesome. Never stall. Not a thumper at all. Kinda exotic