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  1. so I bought my daughter and 05' CRF 80, It started and ran fine a few times and now she has a hard time shifting into second. I wrode it a few times and trying to get into second gear you definitely don't hear the typical click over and any feel it flip I to 2nd and going up from first to second and it takes a few times of fidgeting with it to get it into gear, all the other gears seem to be fine. took it all apart everything seems to look fine but I really don't know what I'm looking at, with the clutch cover off I was able to run through all the gears but put back together with fluid in it still no go any suggestions??
  2. Awesome thanks, did u have to modify at all
  3. so I saw a team Honda's set up this weekend at the Supercross needless to say their bikes look awesome, I'm really digging the all red plastic kits that they're using and wanting to change my rear fender, side shrouds and number plate to red, but I'm having trouble finding a rear fender that's red for my 2017 CRF250R wondering if the 2018 Fender will fit on it or the 2016. Cycra doesn't seem to have a red rear fender and Acerbis I heard is cheap so wondering if you guys have any experience in different year models
  4. Where can I pick up a no loss air chuck? And do they fit on a hand pump?
  5. The spring is factory, so your saying I need to change it?
  6. Hey guys, I'm wondering what suspension settings you all are running front and rear? I have a 2017 crf 250r I'm a 210lb newer rider, my settings are currently set at, rear suspension low speed at 12 clicks rear suspension high speed 2 turns rebound is 12 clicks. Left front fork inner chamber 150psi, outer chamber 10psi, balance pressure 150psi Right front fork compression position 7 clicks, rebound 29 clicks Sag is 4" Thanks guys
  7. Very little..... 2x out, 2hr ea and will go tomorrow
  8. Yes it is my only option for flywheel weight and with only one option I should do it I know but my question is if I'm going to eventually get a rekluse auto clutch is the flywheel weight worth it in the meantime and or a waste of money when I get the clutch? Or is it still needed with the clutch?
  9. I'm just not sure about wasting the money and not seeing much of a difference and then having to get a clutch anyway. I have it geared at13/51 right now and thinking about going 13/53 to see how that helps because ultimately I wanna get the rekluse but it's another 1k so Gonna have to wait a few months. I have not messed with the sag yet but plan to this weekend
  10. So would 5oz not be enough that I would see a difference then?
  11. So I havnt really gotten a straight answer on this yet I feel, we know a heavier flywheel is beneficial but will 5oz be a good addition or a waste of $, will every one let me know if getting 5oz is a good idea or not?
  12. So i tried the 13/51t gearing and it did help a lot but i think 13/52 or even 53 would be better? we know a heavier flywheel will help but the only option i have is a 5oz and thats not heavy enough so im stuck with should i even waste the money on a 125$ flywheel that may or may not do much at this point or should i invest in the $900 rekluse clutch?
  13. how much gearing is too much to gear it down, i left the 13t on the front and just started with a 51t on the rear because that's all the dealer had at the moment but i want to try a 52 or 53t thoughts?
  14. I am Trying to ride more and honestly becoming more comfortable but trying to worry about, kepping the brake and clutch covered, and not ending up with a death grip on the throttle and killing myself, while feathering the clutch is a lot. In the mean time I'm finding myself afraid of the throttle and the dreaded whiskey throttle cuz I've done that a few times already and been thrown off
  15. What do you mean by 1st gear being too tall? Would that be done by rear sprocket? I honestly just wanna figure out the best way to ride trails with out repeatedly stalling and or whiskey throttling it and loosing control.