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  1. is is the Waddell Creek staging area in the Capitol forest I'm not familiar with that area we haven't been down there at all. Any advice or help you can give I would greatly appreciate it, I'll message you and we can figure something out.
  2. Eric, does Shelton dirt riders club have a web site or how do I get more Info about what exactly it is. I'm kinda wondering where it is, and if they have hours? And days you can ride and how much it is?. I know an area that we won't feel intimidated by some of the more experience riders and the jerks is important but also an environment that we can meet others and and hopefully lean skills from is what we want. We want a friendly, safe and fun place where we won't be judged or made fun of so I'm deffinetlty interested and if you can let me know where to go or who to get ahold of I would appreciate it. Thanks
  3. We have been up to tahuya a few times but I will definitely Check out camp spillman, thanks
  4. Sorry I guess I should have clarified, I havnt bought a new exhaust yet but I did want to which led me to the thought of trying to protect it. Thanks for the advice 😃
  5. Ya that's a great point about the sub frame and I had not thought about that, Thanks I'll stick with it stock 😃
  6. The only stunting I would be doing are the unplanned ones, and for a new rider that may be many... 😂 Just for protection for the exhaust and fender
  7. Yes, the thought was protecting the rear fender and the 1200$ exhaust system, just trying to be proactive. I dont know about the rest of you but replacing parts because you didn't take precautions to protect them seems crazy, kinda like the guys who walk around with brand new 800$ iPhone that have a shattered screen due to no protection........ 🤔
  8. Hey guys, Im wondering if any one is using stunt bars or wheelie bars over the rear fender and if so how do u like them or not like them. I'm thinking about using some for trail riding for fender and muffler protection, just wanted some thoughts. Thanks
  9. I do not have access to jblm, but I think I'm gonna enroll the both of us in one of those classes
  10. Ya good point I'll look into that. Thanks Eric
  11. Hey guys, looking for some help, my daughter and I are new to riding (3mo) we are both riding Honda's 250r and a crf80. I am Trying to self teach my self but I'm in over my head and looking for someone who can help tech us various techniques and how to do so safely. If anyone is riding near olympia, WA and wiling to teach someone new please let me know.
  12. so I bought my daughter and 05' CRF 80, It started and ran fine a few times and now she has a hard time shifting into second. I wrode it a few times and trying to get into second gear you definitely don't hear the typical click over and any feel it flip I to 2nd and going up from first to second and it takes a few times of fidgeting with it to get it into gear, all the other gears seem to be fine. took it all apart everything seems to look fine but I really don't know what I'm looking at, with the clutch cover off I was able to run through all the gears but put back together with fluid in it still no go any suggestions??
  13. Awesome thanks, did u have to modify at all
  14. so I saw a team Honda's set up this weekend at the Supercross needless to say their bikes look awesome, I'm really digging the all red plastic kits that they're using and wanting to change my rear fender, side shrouds and number plate to red, but I'm having trouble finding a rear fender that's red for my 2017 CRF250R wondering if the 2018 Fender will fit on it or the 2016. Cycra doesn't seem to have a red rear fender and Acerbis I heard is cheap so wondering if you guys have any experience in different year models
  15. Where can I pick up a no loss air chuck? And do they fit on a hand pump?