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  1. ThumperHumper3

    any of you guys solo riders?

    I urban adventure ride. Fancy term for city trespassing. I try to keep a low pro. Riding alone is best for me. I would feel bad if I got someone busted. When I street ride I have a bud.
  2. They ran over an 8 yr old kid and broke his leg. Then the popo's had enough.
  3. No. It has been over ran with bikelife gangs and the police are on it heavy. That is designated for mountain bikes. But I have run the 480 Transportation Blvd area. That is where the first picture is from.
  4. Actually they are Conti TKC80's... That tire aspect ratio doesn't have such of a Big Block pattern.
  5. Today's ride near 480 State rd.
  6. Today's Ride Harv Den Bridge East end. Cuyahoga River
  7. That is an old Old Brooklyn term for driving or riding wild.
  8. In Cleveland area doing the Urban Adventure riding. I have many nut runs if anybody wants to ride and share.
  9. Hey wobbly do you still ride?  I am in Cleveland doing the same stuff you used to do.

  10. ThumperHumper3

    Valve Adjustment Problem

    Did all of that.