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  1. Hayden Pratt

    New Gaskets Needed???

    I've had my bike since June and have rode it probably 16 hours. Have done oil , oil filter / air, tires, springs all that jazz so far. Probably will need a rekluse or a clutch cover soon and some graphics.. Besides the point. - I just changed my oil before my last ride and I came home with some seepage between my clutch cover and on the other side. I dont know if I over filled (used one full bottle of Ti-Lube 20W40 (.956L) - Honda recommends 1 - 1.25 liters. So I dont think I overfilled. Is it time for new gaskets or seals? Help me troubleshoot please. Thanks
  2. Evening fellas My twin brother and I need someone to show us around Idaho City trails. I know there's tons of riding up there, over 500 miles of it... We are new to the area and absolutely love single track. I've blown out Emmett (Lil Gem), rode a good amount of 8th street, tried clay peak, went to MTN home's track... (not happening again) but I still haven't done Idaho City and I am dying too. I don't want to get lost, and would just make it a ton easier to be able to follow someone who knows the area for the first time around. Have only lived in Meridian for two months. If anyone reading this is going Sunday July 22nd, let me meet you up there or follow you out of town. Hell, if you're going anywhere (blacks creek, Anderson ranch.. some of the other ones I've heard of..) I would love to ride with someone new that could show us around a new area. I will buy lunch or dinner for your time, and just need to meet some new guys to ride trails with. Let me know. I know some of yall gotta be going somewhere! Thanks! Hayden & Chase
  3. Whats up guys, Anyone want to go to 8th Street tonight? I am brand new to the area, fresh U of I grad and moved to Boise. Have heard about some fun and quick loops up there for after work riding. Would love to ride and get some good insight about where to go! will be headed that way around 5:00 pm. Let me know and I will shoot you my # to your inbox.
  4. Hayden Pratt

    Daggett Creek?

    Anyone want to go to 8th Street tonight? I am brand new to the area, fresh U of I grad and moved to Boise. Would love to ride Daggett trail or get some good insight about where to go! will be headed that way around 5:00 pm.
  5. Evening Y'all, I just picked up my dream bike, a 2017 CRF 450R right after graduating college in May 2018. I sold my last bike (2009 KX 450f) during Junior year of college due to not having any time to ride. This is going to sound crazy to you guys... ready? I have never once touched the suspension on any bike I've owned. I have never set my sag, played with my fork settings, spring type, oil levels, anything of that nature. I have owned over 6 bikes throughout my 22 years, (CRF 80, CRF 100, CRF 150f e-start , 04 KTM sx 125, 09 Kx 250f, 09 Crf 450r, 2008 KTM XC 250, 09 KX 450, in that order....... --> and now finally my baby, the 2017 CRF 450r. I have raced TORCS / WORCS growing up, and now mainly rip Idaho single track, some sandy desert, and motocross tracks. 70% / Offroad 20 % Moto / 10% f***** around finding jumps and corners in the desert. I am 220lbs and the stock settings truly don't feel bad or that "terrible" for my weight. Then again, I have no clue what tuned and set up suspension feels like for my weight and riding style / ability. I am an intermediate B class rider as well. I got my sag set by a shop in Boise, Idaho (Moto One, check em out if you're ever in the area) but that is as far as I have gone on the settings. What should I do? I have heard people say stiffer rear shock and front springs, and then tune them from there, some have said add some cc's of oil, and some said just mess with the stock stuff. There are no suspension companies local in Idaho I have found after researching (seriously LOL) and I am planning to send it off to a race shop anyways for the work (RaceTech, FC..) I don't want to start messing with my clickers and get the bike all funky from the get go, so please lend me a hand and let me know what you guys think is best for my riding style, and weight. I am 6'0 as well. I am open to trying clicker settings for the time being just to see what i can work with, but want some insight first. ***Anyone trying to bash on me for not doing suspension previously, I have not spent a ton of time wrenching on my bikes and am a pretty novice mechanic. Looking for helpful insight and info, it would be very appreciated! Thanks for reading -HP
  6. Looking to buy a black set of wheels for my 2017 CRF 450R. Looking on Craigslist / TT / Ebay to keep the price down and was wondering how many years back I can go to on older models to still fit my 2017. does anyone have any insight on this? Let me know please. Thanks