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  1. Bret Morey

    Dash lights too bright

    Do any of you consider the highbeam, turn signal, and neutral indicators on the DRZ to be too bright. Mine throw so much glare into my field of vision when riding at night that they are beyond just distracting. They bother me so much, that I find myself avoiding using my high beams because the indicator is so bright. Does it bother any of you. Have any of you found a solution? -Bret
  2. Bret Morey

    seeking replacement exhaust advice

    I've been using por 15 products on rusty metal for years, and I think they are the best option out there. I was not aware that they made a high temp paint. That is awesome. One question though. Other basic por 15 products I have used are amazing against rust, but very sensitive to UV light, and start to fade from gloss black to a washed out gray color with a fairly minimal amount of sunlight exposure, unless you top coat them with another paint. Does there high-temp paint stand up to sunlight, or does it wash out to a dark ashy charcoal gray over a short time?
  3. Bret Morey

    DRZ400 Headlight upgrade?

    I run this bulb and it is great. Crazy bright, and it has the right cutoff for the low beam so I am not blinding oncoming drivers. It is plugnplay except you have to lose the dust cover. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071Z7RHYM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Bret Morey

    2016 DRZ400SM throttle response issues

    134 main jet seems way to lean to me. I'm guessing if you richen up the main you will see improvement. My stock 2015 would stumble all over itself for a second or two if I snapped the throttle to WOT. Fixing the lean factory jetting made the use go away completely.
  5. Bret Morey

    seeking replacement exhaust advice

    Lots of good input on this. Thanks. Yes I did rejet for the 3x3 and know I would have to again if I change the exhaust. Jetting this thing is a dream compared to getting the jets right on a 2 stroke racing motor, so it is no problem at all. I'm glad to hear that melting plastics isn't an issue. My stock plastics came with heat shielding on the back side. My acerbic plastics came with a warning about locating them against an exhaust possibly melting them, so I was concerned. I'll probably just repaint my stock exhaust, and keep my eyes open for an e model exhaust and snag one if I can get it on the cheap. Maybe an FMF at a later date if I ever have money burning a hole in my pocket. Cam swap is an interesting idea that I hadn't thought of, but to be honest I was motivated more by the idea of getting the rusty header pipe and chipped silencer off of my DRZ, than by a search for more power. A bit more power would just be icing on the cake. I was hoping to go to stainless because in my experience the black coated exhausts always rust after a few years no matter how good you treat them, and I hate dorking around with refinishing stuff. If I could find a stainless copy of the stock exhaust I would be all over it, but I guess there isn't a market for exhausts that match the stock one. -Bret
  6. Bret Morey

    seeking replacement exhaust advice

    I appreciate all of the feedback. It sounds like the stocker is as quiet as I am going to find, but the FMF Q4 would be a relatively quiet aftermarket option. I found a lot of sound comparison videos between stock and Q4 and it doesn't seem all that bad. For those of you with aftermarket exhausts, what are you doing to keep the silencer from melting the rear plastics. It seems like that would be a big problem without the spacer the stock silencer comes with. Is it not really an issue, or are you guys using something to keep from melting the plastic?
  7. I have a 2015 that is stock expect for the 3x3 mod. I have the stock exhaust, but the paint is peeling off of the canister in a lot of spots and I'm getting a little rust starting to show up on the header pipe. I am kicking around the idea of going with a full stainless exhaust. I'd like the extra kick of power you get by letting the engine breath better, but am hesitant to make the bike louder. I live in a quiet rural neighborhood with a lot of nice people, including a lot of much older nice people. It is a quiet peaceful place, and I really don't want to be "that guy" that everyone hates because of his loud motorcycle. I also ride in state forests, and other areas, where people don't appreciate the intrusion on nature that comes from a screamingly loud motorcycle. Does any company make an aftermarket stainless exhaust that lets the bike breath a little better, but has enough silencer to keep from making it way louder than stock. I'd love a little more power, but not if the bike is going to be way louder. Heck, I'd even take stainless exhaust that doesn't help with performance if it would keep the sound level the same. Anyone have an exhaust that has near stock noise level? The MRDs, FMFs, and Yoshis look great, but the consensus seems to be that they are all loud.
  8. Bret Morey

    2015 DRZ loctite fix results

    I have a 2015 DRZ that just turned over 13,000 miles. I figured I was way overdue for the Loctite fixes so I dug in on the stator side today and want to report on what I found. The front sprocket Loctite job was uneventful. Pulled it off loctited it and reinstalled it. The surprises came in the stator/flywheel area. First, my flywheel hex screws all took over 120 in lb to break them loose and all had a liberal coating of factory thread lock on them. I wish I had just left them in as installed from the factory now that I know they were properly torqued and thread locked, but at least I can rest easy now, knowing they are in good and thread locked. The stator area was a disaster waiting to happen. All of the hex screws on and around the stator were just finger tight. Considering none of them had thread lock, I don't know how none had backed out in 13,000 miles. I don't think any of them were any tighter than maybe 10-15 in lb (my torque wrench wont click that low, so I have no idea. I was shocked at how loose they were, and am really glad I took the time to do this. Gonna wait until I am due for an oil change before I dig in to do the primary. I just put fresh oil and fresh coolant in it, and recovering and re-adding is kind of a PITA IMHO.
  9. Bret Morey

    strong vibe from motor when going to WOT at 55-60mph

    Starting to suspect rider was right and it had something to do with the clutch not being happy with the new oil bath, and needing some time to get used to it. I took it for a ride and no matter what I tried I couldn't reproduce the issue I was having consistently the other day. I'm not sure though because I would have expected the bike to rev up if the clutch was slipping. I guess it is possible that is was slipping, grabbing, slipping, grabbing with a high enough frequency that the motor never got to pick up it might do what I experienced. It's gone for now, and hopefully gone for good.
  10. Bret Morey

    strong vibe from motor when going to WOT at 55-60mph

    I was not aware of that. Thank you for sharing that knowledge. I'll take it for a test drive again and concentrate on the vibe and my acceleration and see if I can detect any slipping.
  11. Bret Morey

    strong vibe from motor when going to WOT at 55-60mph

    Thanks for the idea rider, but I don't get any slip in the clutch jumping on it in first gear, and I would expect that would be more likely to make it slip. And this is a pretty heavy vibe, almost more of low frequency thumping like I am lugging it, but really really rough and harsh, much more so that anything I have felt form the motor before, and I have lugged it way worse rising offroad. I know I am lugging it a bit in that gear at that speed when I go to WOT. My main concern is that this was never an issue before. I'll probably just toss a new plug in it, and if that doesn't help, I'll take it to a mechanic to have them try to diagnose it. I just hate asking someone else to do work for me when more often than not I end up being told nothing is wrong only to find out much later when something grenades itself that they missed the problem.
  12. Bret Morey

    strong vibe from motor when going to WOT at 55-60mph

    I'm running 15-41. Admittedly this is a fairly early shift and I could carry past the vibe point in 4th and shift later. My concern is that it never did this before, and it is not a subtle vibration, which has me concerned that something is failing or has already failed, or something else is wrong that is going to cause damage if I don't address it. I'm thinking about changing the plug in case it just not burning clean under that particular load, but the plug has only been in it for 2000 miles so I have my doubts that it is the source of the problem.
  13. I'm hoping someone here can point me to some ideas or troubleshooting steps to figure out why I have a pretty heavy vibration coming from my motor if I open the throttle to WOT at 55-60mph. I have a 2015 DRz400S with just under 13,000 miles. I checked the valve clearance about 200 miles ago and they were all well within spec. I recently did the 3x3 and installed a JD Jetkit. That woke the bike up a bit and completely eliminated an issue I used to have where the bike would stumble for a second if you cracked the throttle to WOT suddenly (assuming this was a lean condition that the new jetkit resolved). I did not notice this new vibe problem after the jet kit install so I don't believe that to be the cause. I then installed a new Kenda 270 on the rear, and the bike was still fine after that, with no vibes or abnormal behavior at all. Then two days ago I drained and flushed the coolant system and filled it with engineice, and changed the oil to BelRay full synth, replaced the filter and cleaned the screen. The next day on my ride home from work I notice that if I go to WOT between 55-60 mph in 5th gear I get a ridiculously strong vibration from the motor. It doesn't do this at any other speeds or in any other gear. It seems to be more pronounced when the motor is heavily loaded like when going up a hill. If I ease on the throttle (like I know I should) I can go through this speed and RPM range without the vibe. It seems to respond directly to how much I open the throttle. If I am at half throttle there is no noticeable vibration, at 3/4 throttle it is a noticeable vibe, and at WOT I get a pretty violent shaking that seems to be coming from the motor. Has anyone else ever experienced this, have any ideas what it might be, or have any suggestions on how I might be able to start diagnosing it? This is not a subtle vibration. It comes on strong and responds immediately in changes to the throttle. On flat or downhill stretches I seem to cruise right through that RPM range and it smooths right out, but if I am going up hill it is a crazy vibe that sticks with me until I can get the speed and RPMs up. This one has me stumped and seriously concerned that continuing to ride with this condition might result in serious and expensive damage to my beloved DRZ. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Bret Morey

    Why is my chain jumping so bad?

    Like others are saying, I see the same on my 2015 with the chain tension set per manual. It is fine when running in the ground except when lugging at low speed in first gear and them I may hear is snapping once in a while. I've never had the chain jump and I ride on some pretty tight, rocky technical stuff at low speeds.
  15. Bret Morey

    06 DRZ SM cracked subframe bike for sale

    To me that seems high for that bike even if it had a clean title, and I would be really concerned about the recon title as well as other potential hidden damage that has not been repaired or disclosed. I didn't pay a whole lot more for the nearly pristine 2015 I bought from a dealer last year. In my area, I would steer clear of that deal, but it may be different where you are. Here, I can find a half dozen used DRZ's at dealerships within an hour of where I live pretty much any time I want to look, and the for sale by owner options are way more plentiful.