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  1. Whatever you decide on, don't get in a hurry. Take your time, let a good deal present itself and make a deal. Ask yourself, will I be happy with this bike a year from now? Or am I just excited today? You will be better off waiting for the right bike rather than settling for the first thing that comes up. Good luck!
  2. Carhauler

    Show Off Your 450

    Nice bikes guys, I am looking forward to getting a 450 soon!
  3. Carhauler

    Random pics.

    The "toy box!" 2004 400ex 2007 400ex 2007 YZ450f (down for rebuild) brother I.L. Bike 2006 crf 50 2014 KLX140 2017 Harley streetbob 2015 Polaris xp4 1k plenty to keep us busy!!
  4. Carhauler

    Random pics.

    Pismo beach 2017
  5. Carhauler

    Possibly moving to Tucson

    Can't help on the registration question, but near Tucson is Cochise. I run through that area often and it looks like the mountain areas have some good riding. I'd like to check it out myself!
  6. Like most of you guys, it depends on who's asking!
  7. Carhauler

    Another 250x off the showroom floor

    Nice bike! Hard to beat a brand new motorcycle!!
  8. Carhauler

    Random pics.

  9. Carhauler

    Which year 450f?

    Hi everyone, I just bought a 140 for my daughter and am looking for a used 450. I haven't been up to date on bikes for a long time and am wondering what years (if any) I should avoid. I am looking for a fuel injection model 09 and newer I believe. Thanks for any info.
  10. Carhauler

    New Member

    Hello everyone, I just got my 12 yo daughter a 2014 klx 140. This is her first 2 wheeler, but has been on quads starting with a Suzuki 50, then a Honda 90, and now rides a 400ex. The bike is a better fit, and she spent her own money, with some help, to buy it. What a neat little bike! First post here, hopefully my pictures show up! Looking forward to talking with you all!