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  1. 17YZ250F

    Most heavy duty mx pant known to man

    I bought a 2016 & 2018 pair of Klim Dakars at the same time. 2018's were junk compared to the 2016s. Cheaper materials throughout.
  2. 17YZ250F

    Xtrainer 2018 Pipe Guard

    By the time you buy a decent skid plate and some sort of pipe guard, it's really not that much more to buy a p-tech (or similar) I'd rather have 1 pipe and keep it protected then dinging up pipes.
  3. 17YZ250F

    Xtrainer 2018 Pipe Guard

    No problem. One thing to note, if you are going to run a FMF Gnarly you need the skid for the 300RR. If you are going to run the stock pipe, get it for the Xtrainer.
  4. 17YZ250F

    Xtrainer 2018 Pipe Guard

    This. Much lighter than expected and very easy install.
  5. $50 off Lectron by using discount code "berad" FYI for anyone that has it on their xmas list
  6. Pretty much this, less the kid. Teaching my wife to ride the last 2 seasons. She's comfortable at a slower pace and enjoys being out on the trails. Has been nice since i have a built-in riding partner 😂 Last year went and rode with my dad in Moab, she went out in August with him to ride in Montrose. 3 of us are in the early stages of planning a trip somewhere, right now heavily considering Idaho because @wwguy won't quit posting photos lol
  7. 17YZ250F

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    Lectron ordered 😁 Found a youtube code for $50 off direct from Lectron. (Code: berad) This should mean this is set up for my bike instead of an off the shelf kit that may have different settings from AOMC.
  8. 17YZ250F

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    Not a clue, don't think they have a RC3 for the Xtrainer only the RC2 (discontinued)
  9. My wife has a '17 140G. She's put 3" risers, a set of high bend bars and lowered foot pegs. She's just shy of 5' 6". Myself at 6ft, still no way i could ride it comfortable for longer distances. Not too mention, it's a little bit of a turd in the power department compared to what i'm used to riding. Great bike for a beginner or less aggressive rider, no way i'd want this as my dedicated bike.
  10. 17YZ250F

    Anyone moved from a DRZ to KLX250?

    You're still looking at heavy pigs. KLX is 278Lbs Do you ride on the rode at all? If not, i'd look at a 250F variant or even a 250/300 2 stroke. Any bike can be lowered. I wouldn't let that necessarily turn you off a bike, just budget in for some suspension work.
  11. 17YZ250F

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    This showed up on my door step today 😎 After checking to make sure she arrived well from Greece it sits under the Christmas tree for the next month 😫 Thanks again @dirtbird
  12. If i had to pick, Husky. If i didn't have to pick, i'd keep waiting for something that doesn't look well used
  13. 17YZ250F

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    If i end up getting the Lectron, i'll be keeping the stock carb just in case or when it comes time to sell this one.
  14. 17YZ250F

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    NIB Fox RC2 shock should arrive in the next couple days. Present from the [emoji68] Lectron. Should have no concerns fitting it with the Fox shock on the 2018. Keep reading reviews and you read 1 really good one and then 1 that recommend the factory carb. Still undecided but AOMC has them for $372 thru Monday so need to decide quick. IMS tank. - Only time i'd really need it is when we go out west to ride once or so a year so definitely not a need. Was looking for some fox comp 5 Offroad boots but no where has them discounted so will continue to wait until I find a decent deal
  15. 17YZ250F

    2018 EX Race bike

    I sent about 10 emails to them, none of which were responded to, and then it finally got activated 3-4 weeks later. It's a fairly dead forum from what i can gather, just got lucky someone PM'd me in response to my WTB ad. There is another RC2 shock for sale that's new on the Beta Xtrainer FB group. $600 if i remember right.