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  1. rather then using ovens one could try a heat gun
  2. 061A1-KA2-S02 - does this gasket kit come with the vale stem seals?
  3. How do you know if the sprocket needs to be replaced? What would be the symptoms of a bad sprocket?
  4. For the DID are you sure it is part 25h100le rather then 25HDHA100?
  5. There is also something like this that can be used. It would open the airbox to be used as storage.
  6. Would this be a good air filter to use?
  7. what brand of timing chain, chain guides and gasket kits do you recommend for an 87 xr200r?
  8. I got this tool bag from Boliviaxport Customs. For those who are considering getting this for an xr200r the holes are pre-drilled however only two holes align. It comes with a plastic support both on the bottom and sides. The straps are build in. I can hold tools, owners manual, spare spark plug and a spare tube in it easily. I think it is made for the larger dirt bikes. It seams to be well made but time will tell. It has velcro and a zipper. I don't trust the zipper. anything I put in is going to be tied down well. Its like the Chase Harper in style. http://www.boliviaxport.com/home/96-honda-xr-rear-fender-bag-extra-big-blue.html
  9. the trail tech voyager pro color gps looks really nice
  10. I'm not sure how many miles I ran it with only 1/2 quart of oil. But even when I last filled it other then at start up it didn't smoke.
  11. That is another option. Plus there be the valve work. Can the top end be done with the engine in the frame?
  12. I'm running an 87 xr200r. It is hard to start when cold. I also have a spare engine from a 80-83 xr200. I read that the cylinder is a direct replacement. When I got the 87 xr200r I put a moose carb kit in it and changed out the air filter. The air filter was filthy. The prior owner may never had changed it out. The other option is to just keep running it and adding oil. I like the bike plus it is plated.
  13. I get 70psi compression cold on the engine.
  14. I have this problem. " 3) smokes on startup then fades off = valve seals getting weak." In 100 miles however I've burned thru 1/2 quart of Honda HP4 oil. Would this still be number 3?
  15. I would like to check the RPM at idle. What would I connect the tach wire to for pickup?