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  1. We're not going fast but we're all in motion...

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Awesome!!! Ur kids are all grown up! Here's a pic to make you smile...

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    This ride last Sunday was AWESOME. We were moving a lot all day and did sooo many trails before this for hours which softened us all up. This was the end of the day and it was sooo good to feel that fatigue and exhaustion feeling as we crossed river after river after river. We all agreed it was one of the better rides we had in a while. Good times!

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Yup, that was a fun weekday afternoon. I use the GoPro Hero3 Black Plus on video mode and that's just a screen shot from my MAC. Its huge cause I got it off of my FB page Trail Rider Underground Hawaii. Stoked you got to ride my new stuff! More to come...
  5. CROWSNEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    hawaiidirtrider in action… Aloha

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    This ride was so fun! Looking forward to more in this area. Good times

    man hits bear on dirtbike

    Now that's how you make a good, dirty race pass… Bear gets the win!

    Waaaaah! My bike's too heavy... Waaaaaah!

    Those were some awesome swap saves…

    Wild Out Wheelie Boyz are back!

    My initial reaction when I see these videos is to judge these guys as idiot law breaking pieces of crud. Then I ask myself if that would make me a hypocrite. Well, I have done crazy, less than lawful things when I was younger... It's clear to me if I was born there and I was raised there and I had these guys as my neighbors and friends I am 100% sure I'd be doing the same thing as them. I'm just happy I wasn't and I'm not... I wasn't an angel here growing up and I certainly wouldn't of been one there if that's what surrounded me... I'm happy to ride our trails here because that's what I got even if my wheelie and rapping skills are mediocre or less... Those guys are living a life we should all be very happy we aren't... This is planet earth 2012... No matter how much you judge, ridicule and grumble about it online, it isn't gonna change a darn thing. It's gonna get WORSE... I won't let it bother me unless I get my bike jacked by some urban wheelie king... With that being said, I will call serious skills on some of these guys... So relaxed at speed with no safety gear dragging an arm like an Orangutang... Ripping on a wheelie like a Ape who just toked a fatty and ate a bunch of bananas... That's impressive in my book...
  11. White's hanging with Blacks hanging with Hispanics all brought together to enjoy machines with wheels... The world is becoming a better place... he he he

    GNCC at Unadilla!

    haha! fun video...

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Hawaii this past Sunday...