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  1. TLRthumper

    Tell me about the 1996 300EXC

    Well, I have an 03, i think thats before they got upgraded? The bad: Vibrates....alot forks are harsh not much of a powerband....I like a big hit leaves all my friends Jap bikes in the dust, Im always waiting.. The good: Smooooth rear works well, hooks up pretty flickable does just about any type of trail well My gas cap dosent leak.... leaves all my friends Jap bikes in the dust, Im always waiting.... If the price is good and a smooth 50hp sounds appealing, I say go for it...
  2. 06 XR 650 with a few mods on a wet January ride
  3. OK, so Ive probably spend clost to a grand restoring my 72' Xl 250 into a classic MX style bike, everything is put back together, I put in my spark plug, and it stips out....whatever, that sucks, but I pull it all back apart, thinking its just a matter of putting in a helicoil. Well, so much for that........turns out theres two cracks I never saw extending from the spark plug all the way THROUGH the valve seats. So Im pretty sure repairing it is out of the question, does anyone have anything laying around that sounds like what Im after? Im not sure what years are interchangable. Thanks,
  4. TLRthumper

    Left Hand Throttle

    I made a left hand throttle once for a scooter thing (it was a school project) and i used one of the old school throttles, like the ones that have two cables, one pushing, one pulling. Simply switch cables down by the carb and mount it on the left side and that should work?
  5. TLRthumper

    My 500 dollar bike hauler...

    Lol well I had my KTM and a CRF250R in the back and it did 90km/h on the highway, took a while to get there, and longer to stop, and passing? not gonna happen, but its a good lil truck. Plus its got overloads in the back so it rides like a brick unless theres a hunded pounds of cinderblocks or so:busted:
  6. Picked up a nice lil 5 speed longbox for 500 bucks, complete with gutless 4 banger!. Oh well, it gets the job done... The sad thing is the bike cost 6 TIMES what the truck is, lol you know your a hopeless addict when....
  7. Crap 2 posts, mods delete please
  8. Just went out for a quick ride before the ground gets covered with snow:cry: tell me what you think!
  9. TLRthumper

    Vancouver Island single trackers

    Im near the south end, In the Shawnigan Lake area. Mostly rode around Burnt Bridge but once you get tired of that, head towards Glenora outside of Duncan, absoloutly awesome singletrack and backroads that go for miles.
  10. TLRthumper

    best trail bike

    KTM 300 EXC...monster torque and it still can rev way out if you feel like playing motocross...
  11. I think it should go intro production:worthy: http://www.cycleworld.com/article.asp?section_id=3&article_id=479
  12. TLRthumper

    Leaking rad on 03 300

    I have an 03 KTM300EXC with a pinhole leak near the bottom mounting bolt on the left rad. Can I get a local radiator repair shop to fix it for me, or should I go to a specially shop so they dont make it worse? also, could I use some of that rad-seal stuff, or would that just make a mess?
  13. TLRthumper

    Lets see some powerslides!

    prob would have looked cooler from the front...
  14. TLRthumper

    XR650R Dual Sport

    Just fooling around with diffrent camera positions:ride:
  15. My first time fliming and editing with my new camcoarder, cut me some slack:p Racing was awesome, cant wait to ride there myself