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  1. So i bought a new 2012 ktm 350exc almost a year ago. Ive been having a problem with the bike since it was brand new and the dealer can NOT figure it out. The bike runs good but as soon as i start going hard on the bumps, like whoops or jumps the bike just cuts out. Seems like when the gas in the tank is able to "bounce" around thats when the problem shows up. The bike is fuel injected and i dont really know what to do because this is my first EFI dirt bike. Its really becoming a problem because my warranty is anout to expire. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Bike is stock
  2. soccermania688

    Good track for beginner in PA, NJ, CT, or NY

    Im about 40 mins from limx. I went there one time and they wouldnt let me ride because im not a member. So i never went back. Didnt like the people there, i drove all the way there with my bikes and they wouldnt let me ride!
  3. Im looking to go to a track for my first time. Ive been riding for a couple yrs but never been to a track. I ride a yz250. Looking for something beginner friendly that has a lot of table top jumps as oppose to doubles. So if i come up short its not as bad. My gf also wants to try out a track for her first time, she rides a ttr125. Maybe somewhere with multiple tracks to try out. Like a beginner and intermediate track. Looking for a track no more than 3hrs from long island. Let me hear some suggestions!
  4. soccermania688

    Plating a dirt bike?

    Its a lot of work honestly. Costs a lot so if your starting from scratch pick the right bike for you. I decided to just wait for a good deal on clist. Im on long island and im looking to sell one of my street legal dirt bikes. Mint 1999 yamaha yz400f. Setup for woods racing with all necessary street equipment. Pm me if interested.
  5. soccermania688

    Which dual sport/hare scrambles are good NJ/PA?

    Anyone goin to the NEOC harescramble sunday? I should be there. Looks like fun.
  6. soccermania688

    First ECEA Hare Scrambles of the 2012 Season

    I was there! My first harescramble. Had a lot of fun. Very muddy course. Im planning on going to the next HS. Are there going to pics put up? I saw a couple people taking pics.
  7. soccermania688

    YZ144 I surrender

  8. soccermania688

    YR250R MX Ride Report

    So this is a yz250 motor in the honda frame?
  9. soccermania688

    99 YZ250 Woods Gearing Setup

    Looking to set up my yz250 for tight woods riding. I need new sprockets. Should i go with stock gearing? Also i have a yz400f woods bike with an 18" rear tire. I dont notice a difference. Whats the reason for the changeover?
  10. soccermania688

    yz250 woods bike

    i have a yz400f with an e-line stator. not the same bike obviously, but it works great. im buying one for my 99 yz250
  11. soccermania688

    YZ250 18-in rear wheel swap?

    I bought my my 99 yz400 wood bikes with an 18" tire setup already on it and I have a 99 yz250 with the stock 19 setup on it. I honestly don't notice a difference. I use both for woods racing. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using the 18" wheel?
  12. soccermania688

    Just picked up a Plated YZ400F! Have some ?'s

    Its a YZ. I have the receipt for the stator, light kit. I can tell its not factory. I also have the title and the original title from when it was new. So what can I do to this thing to give it some more power? Are the newer YZ450's this underpowered?
  13. soccermania688

    Just picked up a Plated YZ400F! Have some ?'s

    I'm 99% sure its a yz. I have the receipt from the previous owner for the electrix stator and the baja kit. How else could I tell?
  14. soccermania688

    Just picked up a Plated YZ400F! Have some ?'s

    I'm not going to ride it on the street too much so gearing isn't a big deal. The pipe does say Yamaha on the inside but doesn't look like the stock pipe. The pipe is pretty loud already idk if I want to go louder. The bike just seems to not have too much power in high rpms.