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  1. It really looks like maybe it was stress cracked before the rebuild and you were just “lucky” to have it come loose after rebuild. What’s really interesting is the way the break seems to follow the same angles as the cross hatch......🧐 I don’t think it’s anything you did, insufficient ring end gap MAY have helped it along but unlikely in my opinion. How bad was the prior piston that caused the rebuild in the first place? You said “several years later”, the piston and cylinder look really good other than the obvious damages. How many hours do you think is on this rebuild?
  2. BRPWR445

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Capt bob, do you have fsm for both bikes?
  3. BRPWR445

    Bob's 2002 YZ250F build

    Sounds like cam timing may be off, I debated on the factory cam for my 426 but ended up going hot cams. I’ve looked at picks of my valve timing and it’s way different looking BUT I HAVE 426 AND HOTCAMS. What does the other side of the cams look like? Here is mine for reference, I know the 250 and 426 share a lot of parts they are two different machines. Do your cams point the same general direction?
  4. BRPWR445

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Very cool thing to do, if everyone invested in their children like this the current population wouldn’t be so screwed up. Hats off to you.
  5. Hard to tell from pics.....are those upper port edges chamfered well? If they do not get properly dressed(e.g.kinda sharp) the rings can hang the port and do damage much like what you have. From your pics the lower edges look proper where as the uppers look sharp, could be the light.
  6. Just posting this Craigslist find I saw, not really into vintage ownership myself but one of you may be looking for just this bike. Looks to be fair price for the pics/description, I Am NOT AFFILIATED WITH THIS AD and it is Craigslist.....I’ve found more scams than good deals there.Roanoke Va Craigslist, 2 days old post
  7. BRPWR445


    I couldn’t answer that totem, my bike which is same era as yours has pro circuit triple clamps and I just mark the fender and drill new holes.
  8. BRPWR445

    Spark plug socket

    I have always glued a piece of hose inside the socket to grip the plug insulator and help hold the plug in, no more! Picked up this at Autozone of all places and I absolutely love it for my 426. It has a magnet that will hold the plug in place for removal/installation and the fit/finish is good. It helps you start the plug straight to help prevent possible cross threading.
  9. BRPWR445

    Engine rattle after head gasket replacement

    I would pick a good down time to inspect. My bike came from Craigslist, original owner dual sported it, second owner sumoed it and stripped the lights making it a track bike so I assumed it would be in bad shape. It was actually in really good shape other than two small spots where the plating in the cylinder was thin. Still have the piston I took out and it has a good bit of life left. I worked a LOT of overtime this year so since I had no time to ride I chose to build it up with overbore, cams, exhaust and r&d powerbowl. Definitely woke it up🤪 I changed gearing from 13/48 to 14/42 and the mods made it pull the front wheel like it did with the track gearing and stock motor. It was jd jetted with fmf powercore 4 exhaust when I got it, I bought a new fmf q4 full system (header was dented and powercore was LOUD) , bored to 97mm, powerbowl, new jd jet kit and hot cams auto decompressor ex and stage 1 intake, new tires, brakes , plastics, bars , lights etc. Now it runs just as hard as before but instead of redlining at 55 I’m running about 4,500-5k rpms. I’m happy with it
  10. I like the blue on black look, clean and different
  11. BRPWR445

    Engine rattle after head gasket replacement

    I ordered these last ones straight from wiseco since they had them in stock ready to ship. You can even find them on eBay but that’s where my trouble started, I just opened the pack and installed without confirming the specs. And they had sent me the stock head gasket. Wiseco and cometic are two very common suppliers and many venders carry them. My bore is 97mm where stock is 95mm, 97 is the common overbore on the 426. You will unfortunately need a tear down and measurement to confirm piston size. I also get my piston and rings straight from wiseco since that is what was sent with my kit originally. I had mine done by Max Power RPM’s, bored my cylinder and re-plated it, very good work in my opinion. I was in need of plating so thought why not get a few more cc’s? It’s no major overbore but made a very noticeable difference, nothing crazy but definitely stronger, no regrets.
  12. BRPWR445

    Engine rattle after head gasket replacement

    Figured out the real cause of the “knock” sound, I kept searching because it sounded sooo much like piston contact and it was. I stocked up on gaskets off eBay a while back and didn’t catch that the one head gasket I used was not correct. It was for a stock bore and not the 97mm I have. No damage to anything and you can barely see a “clean” ring around the piston. Luckily the wiseco pistons are chamfered right above the ring land. Simple mistake by someone pulling parts and they gave me the correct one for a stock 426, no damage just a lot of extra work on my part. I’m just glad no damage!! From now on I will always pull the dowels and install them on the cylinder and place the gasket there for install inspection. (My dowels like to stay in the head when pulling and it’s actually easier to put the gasket on the head side) The problem is then you cannot verify the gasket is not intruding into the cylinder on my overbore, the wiseco gasket instructions even state to make sure this does not happen. If the piston did not have the healthy radius above the rings I would have had some damage and a real headache. If you look closely you can see the “clean” ring around about 3/4 of the piston where it was touching the gasket, glad I didn’t ride like I wanted too, probably would have been no bueno
  13. BRPWR445

    2019 Gas gas (torrot) txe

    Juice Juice lol
  14. BRPWR445


    I can’t confirm that but I can tell you the Acerbis plastics I bought for my ‘02 are very thin particularly the rear number plates. So thin that I reused the original ones.
  15. Yeah I don’t care for trying to retro things, the only cool cafe racers came that way from the factory and a bobber dirt bike? It would suck to eat roost all day from your own tire. Cool bike dude.....NOT! It was probably a really good saver bike till way cool junior got his hands and dads tools on it