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  1. SupaDude

    Take the k off

    I’ve always liked the TMs that 144 looks like a lot of fun.
  2. Here’s my viscous Killer. got her at about 4 months old from a family who said they couldn’t look handle her. I have no idea what the were on about she’s the best dog I’ve ever had ,massive sook too.
  3. It’s starting to look like Webb’s year. so bummed for Ken. what a great race.
  4. SupaDude

    A2 Post race Press Conference

    That was no thumbs up. he gave Ken the full Shooter Mcgavin
  5. SupaDude

    Toby Price

    Sad but true
  6. SupaDude

    Toby Price

    The guy is a legend wins his second Dakar and all the mainstream media here in Australia want to report on are idiot cricket and tennis players.
  7. This is shaping up to be a really good season. I hope it stays this unpredictable. Really bummed for Mookie ,hope he isn’t hurt too bad.
  8. SupaDude

    Anybody give a shit Deano got the boot?

    I’ve always liked Dean. I hope he gets a ride.
  9. SupaDude

    Bad news for Anderson

    both Husky guys out in similar circumstances. That really Sucks.
  10. SupaDude

    No Deano

    Man that sucks