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  1. Surfman1

    Drz 400sm backfiring problems

    I also need to mess with the AIr Fuel screw, total noob move but this whole time I think I’ve been messing with the idle screw. Its a white plastic wheel like screw. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Surfman1

    Drz 400sm backfiring problems

    Thanks for the input thus far. I tried Messing with the Air fuel screw, no luck still backfiring. I did see it has the 3x3 mod on it. So now I got to either have someone look at the carb to possibly get re-jetted or figure it out myself. I’ll also have to try the wet towel on the exhaust to see if it’s maybe leaking out the system. As well as I’ll look into getting it re-packed.
  3. Surfman1

    Drz 400sm backfiring problems

    The choke is off in the video. I’ll give that a shot thanks!
  4. Surfman1

    Drz 400sm backfiring problems

    Hello all, first time poster. Just bought this bike a few days ago it’s an 08 drz 400sm and am starting to notice it has a strange backfire at idle. I understand a little bit at decel might be normal, but at idle too? It appears to have been jetted already, judging by the fact it has a jd jetting sticker on the bike itself. I know that it’s not an exact indicator it has but it could be. Has an FMF exhaust, it looks like a full system rather then a slip on but not entirely sure. A buddy recommended I mess with the air and fuel screw, haven’t done that yet. Just wanted to see if there was any other tips I should try.