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  1. I will check that as well. On a side note I see you have a plated wr. My bike was plated in New Mexico originally but CA DMV said it needed CHP inspection. i just had my CHP inspection yesterday and they said i should have no problem from the dmv so my fingers are crossed. But in cali anything can
  2. I tried to loosen it ever so slightly and as soon as it cracked open fuel started to seep. That was even with a less then full tank. i will double check the cap to make sure its not clogged. i will double check that. thanks.
  3. I will give that a shot. Could it be that the aftermarket hose is too narrow to allow adequate breathing?
  4. Hello all. i have a weird concern. When i open the gas cap on my 07 WR450 i get fuel running down my tank and on to my seat as if the tank is under some slight pressure. Is this normal. This is my first dirtbike so i have no idea about what is normal or not. Thanks in advanced for your help.