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  1. did you get a letter from Beta aswell, I need proof for my dealer, they don't believe Beta has a service call on those parts
  2. Off road and next to the tiny 701
  3. riding a 2017 480rr factory. Two days ago the bike wouldn't start. that means: Once it's on.. it's off. The next day no problem. Yesterday i got the problem again. The strange thing is: as long as I keep the start button pushed the engine keeps running. Take my thumb of: the engine dies. I could keep it running when I have full throttle while starting. This worked a couple of times. Now the battery is empty so I jumpstarted it with cables. After 20min of riding i turned it off and the battery was still empty. Now it doesn't even jumpstart. Well the starter engine works but the engine dies after i let go the starter button. According to a Michael on a Beta facebook group this could be causing the problem:
  4. Rear 47 Yes it's a beast!!!
  5. Today I shot a small video after a ride through town: Saturday and sunday I installed the supermoto rims, th 7000 lumen LED headlight from Cyclops (i like it!) and the 4 gallon IMS tank and new seat from seat concepts, the conversion of the tank is pretty simple, the problem was the leakage. From the 5 possible openings 3 leaked. Also the fitment of parts from IMS don't really fit that good. I feel like the Lamborghini of Enduro bikes just got a Kia tank.... But I do like the looks: broad shoulders.
  6. Yep! Ik bought and installed. One concern, bit dissapointed the tank leaked at 3 points. At last it only leaked at 1 location. Tightend the bolts and i hope after today it's okay: Video:
  7. I don't know bike is still in the living room. Streets are covered in salt due to the freezing temperatures in Europe. Tomorrow the rain will wash away the stuff. I did, however install the 3000LED on my wr250x and it's was a huge improvement.
  8. Installed a LED 7000 lumen Cyclops bulb. well "installed"..... it was plug and play
  10. The Beta concepts seat and ims 4 gallon tank are in! Leaving Texas soon to install it on my beta 480 yihaaaa!
  11. That sounds like you have to upload some pics