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    Two new Race Tech 4.8 rear shock springs, #672748, fits CR's, KX's and more. #632548, fits Linkage KTM/Husky, maybe others, both new, never mounted to a shock, one in its box. $70 each, including shipping in the US. Please carefully check that the spring(s) fit your motorcycle and it is the rate you want, no refunds will be given once shipped.


  2. Thanks mlatour! Faded red is the best explanation, in my unscientific test the spring seems softer than a new Race Tech spring labeled as a 4.8, so this makes sense.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the YZ 125 titanium spring has one pink paint mark on it? OEM rate is listed as 4.6 kg/mm, previously a poster said one pink mark was 5.5 kg/mm, but the spring I have has one pink mark, and it is much softer than 5.5...... Thanks! BTW, I have just the spring, using it in a totally different set up.
  4. I made a simple fixture to bore out the end coils of the Yamaha Ti springs so I could put it on a '09 CR shock. Springs is 3/4 lb. lighter.
  5. I didn't do a thread because the CRF250R frame I used had already been modified for a YZ250 two stroke but I know it will fall right in a standard frame with the addition of some front/lower adapter plates. Other than the extended kick starter shaft, everything else is just reroute wires, and two small adapter plates for the 150 radiators.
  6. 150R engine is way too long to fit in any 125 chassis, I had frames to try, no way! I already have a CR85 in a CR125 chassis, but I was concerned the 150R didn't have the peak torque to pull a full size tire, but no worries, it rips, I am running a 90/100-19 Pirelli MT32 Sandcross, works perfect. Frame needs no modification, just some adapter plates and spacers made, have to use 150 air boot and box, just barely fits!! Tricky thing is extending the kick starter shaft 23mm, and then the lever sits outside the frame line, so I glued on a 1/2" rubber pad to the outside of the frame, no issues so far, GREAT bike!
  7. Anyone find a good quality, good fitting aluminum kick starter lever for the 150R? I put my motor in a CRF250R chassis and would like to lighten up where possible, figured the kick lever would be a good place to start, thanks!
  8. I put my 150R in a 2006 250R chassis, lowered subframe 1+ inch, shortened forks one inch, best bike I have ever ridden for me anyway!
  9. Bike has 17" wheels, what gearing are people using for general street riding? Thanks
  10. Thank you!! That explanation fits perfectly, but this bike has a manual decompress lever on bars, is there an auto also? Maybe so...
  11. Been helping a friend with his XR650R that sat for 3+ years in a somewhat damp environment. He bought a Mikuni flat slide carb and wanted some help to get it mounted and to get the bike running. Mounted carb, tried to start, started, ran poorly, died often... I asked if he had ever adjusted the valves, no was his answer, so we drained the old fuel, and checked the valves. Big abnormality was the right exhaust was way tight, had to loosen adjuster a couple turns to get the proper clearance. Started first kick, but as it started I heard one very loud 'tick', then pretty normal, sounded good although maybe some excessive valve lash noise, idled, restarted no problem... Checked valves again, right front now way loose, readjusted, restarted, sounds perfect, runs and restarts normally. So, the big question: what was that first very loud 'tick' noise, and what explains the overly tight and then overly loose valve? My thought was rust build up on the cam in the area where the rocker contacts it at TDC, where we checked the valves, and then this build up came off after running the bike..... very thoughtful or enlightened comments welcomed!
  12. First ride on my 150R in a 2006 CRF250 frame today, love it, even better than I was hoping for! I am 5'7 and 150, ran a 100/90-19 Pirelli MX32 rear tire, worked perfect. Track is a river bed, old school style track, not supercross. Some details: 06 frame, 06 or 09 450 shock, linkage, and swingarm, not sure of year for sure. Mounted a Yamaha titanium rear spring because I needed something softer, and I had it. Sub frame lowered 1+, 06 YZ125 forks, shortened to 11.0" travel, with Race Tech Gold valve kits, .39 Ohlins springs, and mounted in 18mm offset clamps, unknown brand handlebars mounts lowered and back behind tubes, 150R airbox and pipe, motor stock. Odd mix of parts just because I had the stuff laying around, or was given to me. I thought I blew it up late in the day, but just ran out of gas!!
  13. Not much to look at yet, you can ignore the downtube and 'Y' on frame, it was previously modified to mount a YZ250 two stroke motor, wish I hadn't done that, would have been easier and a cleaner installation of the 150R motor. Yes, my one unknown is how it will pull a 100/90-19 rear tire? Kickstarter shaft had to be extended 23mm, and a little ground off the lever knuckle. I hope to ride next weekend...
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