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  1. I thought all Tundras were assembled in Texas? http://news.toyotaofboerne.com/the-toyota-tundra-is-american-made/
  2. You can buy a Tundra for under 40k. You just have to be patient, when I purchased mine. I called all the local dealers and spoke to the new car sales managers. Gave them my contact info, told them what I wanted. I asked them to call me when they found my truck, and absolutely had to get a deal to make a quota/bonus. It took 2 months, but one of the dealers finally called.
  3. Some advice I will share... Have your cab mounts replaced once and a wile. Eliminated all the little rattles that started showing up a few years ago. Truck is now as quiet as a brand new Tundra.
  4. Somebody had to buy the truck with the motor built on Friday at 4:45PM
  5. Yea.. You must be a Toyota guru/tech, as that is exactly what my technician said to me. The 4.7 is more reliable, but the 5.7 is a joy to drive.
  6. My Toyota Tundra 5.7 spun a bearing w/146k on the odom. The rebuild took 2 months for the dealer to complete the task. Just picked it up on Friday. New short block required. They had no idea why it spun a bearing. I am the original owner. I maintained the truck by the book. Every oil change was either Royal Purple or an equivalent synthetic oil. Changed every 7k.
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    Well, that ends his podiums for the year!