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  1. I have the Leatt 5.5 and wear it in all weather. Just vary what goes under and over it with the weather.
  2. I’m happy with the manracks Rubicon rack and support. https://www.manracks.com/honda-xr650r
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. I’m going to continue adding cardio, ride as often as I can - even if just street riding, lose the weight, and eat better (drink less). I’m also going to ride the XRR at Spearhead and Hatfield McCoy in October. I know it’s heavier than some other bikes, but it’s also way lighter than an XRL or any adventure bike.
  4. A few buddies and I reserved a camping spot nearby for my first big trail trip Columbus Day weekend. 10/11/19 - 10/14/19. Would love to meet other TT members up there. We can ride unlicensed bikes on the road to access three other nearby trails for literally hundreds of miles of trails. Trails are in the coal mining areas of Virginia about an hour west of Roanoke and south of Hatfield McCoy trails in WV.
  5. Unfortunately I’ve got a one bike limit. Love mountain biking, but anytime I go mountain biking deletes a dirt bike ride - same timeframe and travel distance. Planning for some fall and winter trips to Hatfield and McCoy, and Spearhead trails. I’ll work on as much cardio as possible and I’ll have to stay off the single track/black diamond trails.
  6. BLUF: 57, 6’ 2”, 240 lbs. Ideal weight is 200. I do 30-40 min. of fairly hard cardio (varies between Precor Elliptical, climbing stairs, rowing and swimming) three times a week. Bike is a 2000 XR650R with suspension set up for my weight. I ride it to work about once a month, and ride dirt once every couple of months. The place I ride is a 2 mi. motocross track and 8 miles of single track in the woods with fairly hilly terrain. The last two times I went, I ride two 20-30 min. sessions on the MX track with a rest in between, then a rest, then a ride on the single track. Both times I bonked and had to quit after about 20 min. And I mean really bonked: heart pounding, breathing really hard, and could not continue. I know I need to lose that 40 lbs., and I’m working on it, but I need to train at home in a way that approximates the ride’s cardio demand. I eat healthy and have good strength, but need to bump up the cardio so that I can ride hard and long. My initial plan is to slowly increase time to 60 min. of cardio and to five times a week. Riding more often would obviously help, but that is just not in the cards. Please comment on my plan, and offer other plans or features of plans that would help. Thanks in advance.
  7. I bought a set in good condition last year with spacers, rotors, and sprocket for $450.
  8. 2000 XR650R. I've had for a year. Previous owner said he had worked with a mechanic for a while to get the carb dialed in and they were both happy with it. For the most part, it stats well, but occasionally dies at idle, especially when cold. Pretty sure its the Mikuni slide carb. Biggest problem - unless I leave the petcock perfectly horizontal (off), fuel drips on the floor from one of the three black lines. Early today (hot and muggy), I went out to try to start it to adjust idle. With petcock on and me kicking, it leaked about 1/2 cup of gas on the pavement. I was having a very hard time starting and kicked it probably 20 times. So, my big question is, what do I need to fix on the carburetor to stop fuel from leaking?
  9. I have no experience with your bike, but I have heard of a lot of idle and stalling issues related to valves not being in adjustment.
  10. One more thing: you should be able to determine max compression from your fork spring spec. There should be a spec length at rest, at full compression, and a spring rate (100#/in. or similar). Determine weight on front wheel, calculate compression distant from spring rate and weight, then rest length - compression - full compressed length. Maybe?
  11. I would think that you cannot achieve max compression by just bouncing, even with significant weight and strength. Try taking on an MX track and hit heavy whoops at 40 mph. If you mark the forks with a paint pen, you should be able to see max travel.
  12. Depends. Is that output ac or dc? Are your blinkers led or incandescent? If it’s dc and led, just connect a wire with inline fuse to the blinker system. If ac and led, you’ll need a rectifier. I bought mine from Baja. If ac or dc and incandescent, just connect, again with inline fuse.
  13. Is this an XR650L or XR650R? My XR 650R has a little Tusk battery zip-tied to the frame under the seat. I’d like to move it to a more accessible place and not worry about it running against the frame.
  14. Sell it now, buy a plated XRR, or unplated and get it plated. An uncorked and properly tuned XRR will solve your power needs. I did this last summer. It’ll depend on your state, but here in VA it was quite easy.
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