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  1. What i have learned in the month I’ve owned same bike 1- the spark tool you are seeking, just grab one of your extra 5/8 spark plug sockets and spend some time in front of the bench grinder, just keep grinding/rolling it til you get it thin enough, works well 2- battery dead issue, I drained mine diagnosing an ethanol deteriorated accelerator pump diaphragm and pilot jet issue prior to a ride, didn’t recharge it ( as i didn’t realize i drained it that far) so the next days riding was all kickstart,as battery was dead after about the 2nd hydration stop, only saying this so you know bike runs/starts just fine on dead battery 3- in a pinch for time, if you believe you have gunked up jets, the carb can be serviced without completely removing it. You’ll need to separate from both intake and airbox boots( lifting upper subframe out of the way facilitates doing anything to the carb a little more pleasant) then rotate the carb as much as possible ( you can leave cables and tps hooked up), you’ll find a little wiggling you can get it almost 45*, remove the 17mm bowl drain, there you can quickly access the pilot, main, and start jet. Should be able to tell at this point whether you need to do a complete removal and thorough cleaning. Like i said, in a pinch for time trying to diagnose, I prefer to do a thorough cleaning for piece of mind when time allows. These bikes are pretty basic, generally it’s just spark, fuel and air. The tps as i’ve experienced and have been told are fairly maintenance free and reliable, so, if you’ve got spark, go to the carb.
  2. LG256


    Thankyou. Very good read [emoji1360]
  3. Actually, my first time there was last year, and I’d have to say that it was probably a 50/50 split of bikes to quads. For the lack of riding available around here $20 is worth getting your rocks
  4. I’m in WesternNY, have about a half dozen motorsports dealers relatively close to me, hopefully have a decent selection. Picked up a good set of boots last year and found a decent selection of those but wasn’t looking for any other protective equipment so can’t remember what store had what for selection of cp. Have to take a day and do some checking. Have time, still a foot of snow on the ground. Thankyou
  5. Awesome. Thankyou. Like that it has the elbow pads. Do you know if this one is sold on-line only or might I find it in one my local motorsports stores? Hate buying stuff I can’t try on first
  6. What brand is this protector?
  7. Hi guys, new here to TT, found helpful tech for some time and decided to join, and just found this Northeast forum. I live in WNY near the Ridge. Only riding I’ve found is what’s already been stated; Majestic, Tall Pines, Kissing Bridge. Have found additional riding in dice runs at Knapp Creek Fireman’s. Buddy and I joined a lease in Southerntier in Randolph/Redhouse area, and try to get time there with camping as well. Would love to see a trail system for bikes/quads like our snowmobile trails closer to here, and not sure why NY hasn’t looked into it because this flippin state’s into anything they can make money on. Anyway, great to see some riders on here from up this way [emoji1360][emoji1360]
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    Ouch! The Nancy comment is worse than just &%$#@![emoji38] . I get it little fella, don’t get yer funderoos in a bunch. I have a quad, dirtbike, I get it. Maybe the point missed, and maybe different scenario than you have out there. We do have a few pay to ride trail systems here, and we tear em up, but they get maintained. What I’m getting at is at place where we have limited membership, and a pile of acres to ride, on a designated set of trails, and an eye kept by the logging company that allows the lease program, and occasional forestry visit, tearing the hell out of every trail isn’t the best idea. First ones to complain about being stranded with the increasingly common flat tires because the trails are shredded down to the shale. And with the mentality of “I’ve got this cool powerful side x side because I don’t have the skill to ride anything else and Imma gonna tear some shit up today” , well, there’s some common sense that needs to go along with that, especially in scenario like this. Believe me, no problem with your point of view here, we do that where it won’t matter. But to screw up your own designated limited trail system is kinda like stepping on your dick, but these guys don’t get that
  9. LG256


    Great pics! Seems alot of guys on here are more twd the west, but I can tell you it’s not much different in the north east. Buddy n I belong to a lease, little over 5000 acres, limited to roughly 200 members and their spouse n kids. Used to be just quads and bikes, now side by sides are gaining huge popularity. Where it takes a bit of finesse on a quad in some parts, and even more on the bikes, side by sides are pretty much stand on it. They do make it easier for people to get out on the trails, but the ability to sit in a safe machine, mash the pedal, throw big roosters and get the machine all muddy is about the mentality of most side by side folks. Used to have nice trails up there, tore to shit now
  10. LG256

    DR 350 shock Gold Valve install with pictures

    Parts should come for mine tomorrow, doing the exact same thing to mine. Thanks a ton.
  11. LG256

    Random excuses for not riding Thread

    Very true professor! [emoji38]
  12. LG256

    Random excuses for not riding Thread

    Lol! I actually would be riding but waiting til I get parts. Just got this DR350 last year and got it running well, but found some issues that need addressing. So, starting tomorrow UPS is bringing me chain n sprockets, Thursday they bring my gold valve kit for the rear, petcock comes Friday. Remember when Ralphie’s dad danced around the kitchen when his major award was getting delivered? That’s me right now[emoji38]. Just put sled away yesterday, tho it’s still cold here in WNY, I’m ridin when the bike’s back together
  13. LG256

    Random excuses for not riding Thread

    My bowels are loose
  14. LG256

    1980 DR400s Carb

    Hello Elliott, new here as well. Will be following this as there are some great minds on here. I did see one fella on here did a budget carb swap on a 91 350s I believe. If you look up the post about ‘hanging idle’ he describes it. I had questions regarding the swap as the head side of the carb, from the specs i dug up on it and the stock one, was larger on the new carb, and not sure what mod was necessary on the carb mount boot. It’s a swap I’d consider if mine acts up in the future. Had same issues as when I got my 90 it had sat for a while prior, did a thorough job cleaning and did a rebuild. Replacement stock carbs are huge money, the swap he did all said and done was said to be around a hundred, and I believe that as the carb he used was around 50 on ebay. If you can find the article it may help you