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  1. I understand the difference. I know everyday things change. Look on YouTube for comparison to halogen. Lots of good LEDs are better with the proper designs. Stock housings and all. Emmiters are 180 from each other not facing directly forward like anything with an element. And some you can index the bulb to best orientate them for your refloctor. On road they seem to match hid for road coverage I wasn't sure about off-road lights how the distance would be? Picture is just something I found. Looking at 25-35w per bulb with only 2 chips. Not the eBay crap that's a joke.
  2. The new leds are focusing on matching the halogen focal point. The new tech is good and close to hid. Just not sure how close it is.
  3. How do they compare to high end 35w hid?
  4. Baja has discontinued the hid line and it got me thinking if anyone has swapped out their Hid bulbs for LEDs. I found Superbrightleds.com and lots of positive stuff about them in cars. Anyone compare them to hid? Their h1 bulb is 2000 lumen each and 25w.
  5. Regular on the Oregon coast. Can't even ride on weekends anymore. It's a damn death wish. They always think "I'm bigger so get out of my WAY!" Regardless that they are on the left side of the whoop road you know. My side. I carry full coverage on my bike just because of the self in titled sxs crowd.
  6. Was there. His bike bogged. Why would he need a lawyer?
  7. What are you guys using to pack in the jumps and burms? I've used the bucket and light riding with a quad. But looking at your stuff I'm doing this all wrong lol.
  8. Guess I'm just griping the most because I waited so long. Was so excited to have name brand race winning equipment. And less than 2 years later I'm looking at how to Jimmy rig covers once my last one breaks...
  9. Am I the only one that is irritated as hell that they discontinued all of the hid stuff? Including the wear items like rock guards. I always wanted a set of Dual LaPaz Lights on a bike. finally get a bike that can do it, pony up the cash, and a year later they are discontinued. great. Come on guys you flood the market for over twenty years and just cut off everything.... Just keep the wear item around. Rock guards, Bulbs, Ballasts, Maybe even lenses. I mean come on. I guess I run them till they break then just have a hell of a wall ornament. Ok, rant over.
  10. Are you guys still selling the lapaz lights? I'm looking on your website and not seeing anything. Looking for Amber covers and looking to swap out a spot for a driving or flood. Also do you have a cover that snaps over the rock guard?
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