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  1. Nkz

    What beta to buy

    Thanks ccullins. Im kinda gathering that the 390 is like a new xr400 with electric start, better suspension, and lighter. I do like the ability to trail hop on the road. I will have to keep reading reviews in the next few months and see what I am able to ride. The efficiency of the 4 strokes is nice to.
  2. Nkz

    What beta to buy

    Wow, thanks for the fast response everyone. Sounds like the consensus is the 2 strokes for the low end torque. I'm used to the yz and cr that have nothing at the bottom, so I'm hesitant to go that route but sounds like these are a different animal altogether. I'll have to check out your review skytroll. Then take a test ride before I purchase.
  3. Nkz

    What beta to buy

    Thanks for the reply, the 300 sounds like it's pretty close to what I'm looking for, although I'm not to worried about the small frame of the xtrainer as I like to be able to throw it around a bit. Hard to stall is what I'm looking for.
  4. Nkz

    What beta to buy

    This is my first post so hopefully I have this in the right area. So I'm looking to buy a new bike in a few months and can't decide what Beta to buy. I am going between an xtrainer, a 300rr or the 390rs. I know they have slightly different areas that they excel. I am coming from a 1998 xr400 and an xr250. My question is do any of these new bikes I am looking at have good off idle torque, like slow speed tractor torque. Both my xr's could chug along and climb almost anything but they are heavy and getting older. I dabbled in trials for a bit so I really like the low end pull of thoses 2 strokes, but I also have had a few mx bikes that had nothing down low. What are the beta 2 stokes like. Also does the 390 have a pretty low first gear if I go the 4 stroke route. I ride some pretty rough single track in Georgetown ca if anyone is familiar with that. Lots of switch backs and no room to get speed over some of the obstacles. I am more of a technical rider, don't do much high speed stuff so I'm not to worried about the soft suspension of the xtrainer. For backround I am 200 lbs, 6ft, I'm a decent rider but don't race or anything. I have had loads of Japanese bikes and I am wanting to try out a European enduro, this would be my first new bike. Hope the post isn't to long. Thanks