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  1. YamahaYz1

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Does anyone have any comments on this? I'm still unsure why it was so low? Is it normal for it to get this low while everything else looks good? Thanks everyone for the help so far, its very appreciated 😁
  2. YamahaYz1

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Okay, I'll definitely look into ordering one. Do you mind giving me the part number or a link to one? I'm not really sure what needle to get. I found this but I'm not 100% https://www.motosport.com/oem-parts/part-number/13383-37fe0 If I run this needle, do you know what main I should run? Should I keep the 178 and order a 45 pilot like you suggested before? And I'm guessing 1.5 turns out on the screw but I should regulate that whenever I try this out, no? Thanks for the help Yeah you're right, this whole year I've been wondering how good the top end is. The only reason I haven't opened it up is because the compression is good, doesn't show any signs of loss of power, I don't think theres any weird noises (Just normal two stroke noises I think) and the gaskets were noticeably brand new. My riding season is coming to an end soon so I'll definitely take the head off and inspect it this long, cold winter. I've also heard squish gap is very important but honestly don't know anything about it so I'll have to research (unless you can explain it 😂) and try to check this gap when I take her apart in the few months. And the carbon on the pipe was literally inside every tiny hole so cleaning it with a wire brush and torch didn't really work but then again I didn't get her red hot so next time I'll try this. You seem pretty knowledgeable on jetting and tuning, do you have any suggestions for what I should put in the carb? I'm just looking to see what as many people say and order some jets and whatever else this week to maybe get a ride on them before winter. Thanks Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely look into this, any way I can save a few bucks is worth looking into! Even if I get a large quantity, I don't think the oil will go bad sitting there for a year while I use it up. I'll probably split it with my two buddies on two strokes anyways. Thanks again! Alrighty I'll for sure try to order a 48 pilot along with maybe a 45 to try out. Do you get any spooge on your pipe?
  3. YamahaYz1

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Yeah interceptor is what I usually get for a decent price at Canadian tire or the Lucas Oil Semi Synthetic if I cant find the AMSOIL. Good to know that I've unintentionally been using the better oil 😂 I'll definitely look into the 48 pilot. Do you mind telling me what else you're running? Main jet, clip, how many turns on your screw?
  4. YamahaYz1

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Hey guys sorry for the late response, I didn't get much time to work on my bike but here some answers. I took the packing out of the silencer today and it was disgusting, so much oil in there. And what took the longest today was that the screen inside the silencer had probably 25% of the holes fully clogged up and 25% half clogged up while the other 50% was okay. I had to go through every single hole cleaning it out by hand. But now shes got new packing and clear holes. I took out the carb and checked what was going on. one problem I found was that it seemed to be a little oily but not from premix, it was as if it was sucking a tiny bit of oil from the air filter and over time created a coating of oil inside. I guess I should start putting less oil on my filter to stop this. Here are some answers for you guys: The top end was done when I got the bike and I don't ride the bike too hard or put a ton of hours so it's definitely not needing another top end this quick. The jetting I found was as found in the pictures below with 1 turn out on the screw. In regards to the 40 leak jet I'm not sure what (if any) benefits I would reap from this because the 250 has plenty if not too much power for me 😂I really don't need more bottom end but l guess the snappy throttle would be a little beneficial. Thanks for the help Usually just using AMSOIL premix for dirt bikes. Yeah I agree that 40:1 would be better for my use of the bike and lately I've slowly been putting a little less oil getting it closer to 40:1 but from now on I'll try using exactly 40:1. When I took apart the carb today I found that the float height was around 4mm if not slightly below that and the manual says it should be 5.5-7.5mm which in scale is way off. I tried getting it close to 5-5.5 mm but I felt like I was bending it too much. And yes the needle and seat were fine and showed no signs of excessive wear or marks. I'm not sure if maybe the little spring on the needle is old and causing the float to sit lower than it would with a new needle. But like you're saying its often set too high not too low so I don't understand why it was so low. Thanks for the response and advice. I've heard lots of people use the suzuki needle but would I be able to set my needle up to the same setting so I don't have to buy another needle? Just figuring out if its worth the needle. Also, I'm not too educated on oil so how do I know if its low flash point? And what cheap suggestions do you recommend? Thanks
  5. YamahaYz1

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Hey TT, I know there's endless topics on YZ250/ two stroke tuning in general but I have not been able to find one that helps me get my 09 YZ250 set up for my riding style and where I ride so I'm here asking for help. I got this bike around 1.5 years ago and have not known how to set it up properly. I know no one can give me a perfect set up but I'd like a good starting setup to work from and tweak to perfection. Throughout this time I've had this bike, its always been covering the bottom of the entire silencer and dripping all over the swing arm and rims with oil. Also, the joint between silencer and expansion pipe has oil around it too but I've heard I have to close the gap a little to squeeze the silencer a little tighter and stop the leakage there. I don't have too much experience messing with carbs but I've messed around with previous two strokes and tuned them a little better. I change the oil on my bike after 15-20 hours on it and clean and oil the air filter after almost every ride. The sparkplugs never last me more than a few months but recently have been lasting me no more than a few weeks. With the excess oil from the pipe and spark plug fouling you can see why I need to set my bike up to stop this. The bike: Completely stock with V-Force 3 Reeds and a FMF Shorty silencer. Usually running around 32:1 premix with 91 pump fuel because I prefer to keep it well lubricated instead of running rich. Riding: I ride enduro in Ontario, Canada. So mostly single track and some fire roads but nothing close to MX and not a lot of time wide open. Therefore, probably mostly 1/4-1/2 or 1/4-3/4 throttle range. Where I ride: Usually 0-500' above sea level. With temperatures ranging from around 15-35 degrees Celsius (55-95 Fahrenheit). If anyone can give me a setup to go from, that would be very much appreciated. Even multiple set ups for different temperature ranges or any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the long read, I just didn't want to leave anything out. Ask any questions if you have any, too.